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Very Loving Violet Honey



Violet honey

Violets are the healers of hearts and also of luck. They bring a change in luck, an increase in position and yes, they can impart luck in love to those who work with them. 
They assist those who may prefer to be loners to enjoyably join into group situations while retaining their individuality and voice. 
Here is a little page from my journal with a very easy way to create my Loving Violet Honey. This is also wonderful for bronchitis and bad coughs. It eases them. 
Have a friend visiting who has a hurt heart? A cup of tea with a spoonful of this honey with sooth and perhaps impart a little turn in luck for them as well. 
Create a tiny pretty pot and leave at your doorstep to invite luck in. 
It smells divine!  
May you always be blessed with all you find in Nature! 


*Please be very aware of your own health and allergy precautions must be taken. I'm providing this page from my personal journal as educational information only, not as a prescription or as medical advice.
*It is OK to share my journal pages but not to alter in anyway. All content is protected under international copyright laws.