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Plant Native Flowers Please! :)

Good Morning! 
Here is a great activity, check out your local council for advice on what is native in plants to YOUR actual area and plant THAT! 


Another very important thing is to look after our Native Bees. Planting native flowers is one way, and also think about keeping native bees (introduced bees take the pollen from our natives). They don't produce much honey, true, BUT lots are stingless (bonus!) and they are under serious threat. 

This is where to buy them in Australia if you are interested PLUS it's a great site with loads of information and again, ask your local council for more information.

Have a fantastic day! xx

Very Loving Violet Honey



Violet honey

Violets are the healers of hearts and also of luck. They bring a change in luck, an increase in position and yes, they can impart luck in love to those who work with them. 
They assist those who may prefer to be loners to enjoyably join into group situations while retaining their individuality and voice. 
Here is a little page from my journal with a very easy way to create my Loving Violet Honey. This is also wonderful for bronchitis and bad coughs. It eases them. 
Have a friend visiting who has a hurt heart? A cup of tea with a spoonful of this honey with sooth and perhaps impart a little turn in luck for them as well. 
Create a tiny pretty pot and leave at your doorstep to invite luck in. 
It smells divine!  
May you always be blessed with all you find in Nature! 


*Please be very aware of your own health and allergy precautions must be taken. I'm providing this page from my personal journal as educational information only, not as a prescription or as medical advice.
*It is OK to share my journal pages but not to alter in anyway. All content is protected under international copyright laws.

Grow Something!


I am not a gardening goddess. I have failures, I live in a tiny rented house right now with a very small shady rocky patch and I really don't have the resources to do all the things I would love to. It's pretty the same with my art, with my writing, lol, with life actually. BUT I grow things! I'm passionate about what I do do and I'm patient. I fill my plans with love and i grow them. Art. Books, Gardens, everything. 

What can YOU start growing this week?  xx

Lovely Lavender Water ~ Florasphere Journal

WOW thank you so very much for your messages and lovely words re my journal page yesterday. To answer a few: I am an Art Journal FANATIC and have kept them all my life. I find it's the easiest way to keep my research notes and ideas for my work. Sometimes the sketches I'm creating for larger artworks are returned to and I will add a recipe or spell or something additional along the way. 
This page was such a sketch in my journal, below it is the artwork (linoprint on bamboo paper, ink, mixed media paints)  for an upcoming card in a deck to be published next.

Lavender water


*Please be very aware of your own health and allergy precautions must be taken.
I'm providing this page from my personal journal as educational information only, not as a prescription or as medical advice.

Release Negative Thoughts Drops ~ Florasphere Journal

Good Morning! 
Another page from my journal... Enjoy! Ok I'm off for an adventure today AND I really must finish my next deck!  don't forget if you are in Sydney, I am at Warringah Mall Dymocks from 2pm to 3pm on Saturday along with Sofan Chan, the author & artist of the new Buddhism Reading Cards so please come along. We will both have the original artworks from our current decks with us for you to see. (I NEVER take mine out of the house so this is a very special day indeed!) 
Happy day my friends xxxxxxxxxxx


Feverfew 2

*Please be very aware of your own health and allergy precautions must be taken.
I'm providing this page from my personal journal as educational information only, not as a prescription or as medical advice.

Florasphere Flower Meanings ~ French Marigold

So many Marigolds, so many meanings! 

Good Morning!~  and much happiness to you this beautiful day. 
I love Marigolds and I know I'm very much in the minority here.
I think this is because they are one of those 'confronting' flowers with much to say though. Perhaps once you understand their properties you may have a slight change of heart. 

French Marigold

French Marigolds (perhaps the type we are most familiar with) are often a warning that we are missing something very vital. They are connected with our inner ability to hear the truth in matters. 
This could be our own inner self, the truth of others or universal truths. 
They once grew in abundance at an old boyfriend's house of mine. They flowered prolifically, they flowered for great lengths of time. He often said he hated them when I drew his attention to them and how I loved them. 
Now this relationship was one of those we often find ourselves in with people in our lives. I KNEW he was lying to me about things, about very important things BUT I just didn't want to hear it! 


I think the saying should be "Wake up and smell the French Marigolds", 
not Roses!  

Friends would try and tell me about him. My inner voice told me and life told me, BUT I just didn't want to hear. 

Another gift of French Marigold is to increase psychic abilities, these are an amazing flower to use in Spell Crafting for this purpose. Use as a Flower Essence or Flower Water and images and fresh in meditation and energy work. 
Have a wonderful day and may you be always blessed with all you seek in Nature! xx 

And from my Journal.... 


PS, you are always free to share or download and keep my journal pages as long as you do not alter them. These are my sketch studies and quick research notes for my larger artworks for decks and books. xx

Frangipani /Plumeria Card Artwork

Frangipani- Puerto Rico- Freedom card complete! Oh I loved researching more stories, the nature connections and the history of this flower. 


"Freedom" Cheralyn Darcey 2014
14 x 21 cm woodblock carving, ink on recycled paper, paint

Punki is here and I was sharing AGAIN my Flower Fun Facts and she said, "Mum, we have heard these ones for years, I think they are your favourite FFFs"  
BUT FOR YOU ALL... they are NOT Native to Hawaii or even a Wildflower of Hawaii, (not of Australia either as many think) You can grow them so easily from a cutting though but hey they are pretty finicky as to where they will grow. 

They have seemingly varied meanings throughout the world from death to the hippy movement, to beauty potions BUT they all have a very common thread of freedom to be exactly as you really are. 

My Reading Card Oracle Study Group OPENS!

For those of you who may own my Australian Wildflower Reading Cards by Rockpool Publishing?
I have a new private free online study group that has just opened.
Additional inspirations, information, Card of the Week Study Guide, more Spreads and discussions, come on over! xx


Nature ATC Collective

I am the organiser of an Artist Trading Card Swap Group called 'Nature ATC Collective'.

I remember falling in love with these years ago at an Art Retreat watching my American friends busily swapped the tiny colourful miniature works of art. Over the years I've been a part of ones and enjoyed carrying them with me to events and swapping but I haven't done so for a while and after listening to many of my Flower Reading and loving Facebook friends lament their lack of creative outlet or worry about their skills I thought this would be a great way to encourage art bravery and inspire creative journeys. 

I adore being part of this group of inspiring people. All walks of life, all levels of creativity and all willing to share their love of Nature, creative expression and to help each other realise a dream to do so. Each month we swap ATCs (miniature artworks) and this was the collection from our September theme..... each is just 3.5 x 2.5 inches in size in line with the international standard of ATCs. We all end up with a miniature collection of art too!


If you would like to a part of the group, hop on over to the Facebook Group page and ask to join. You are welcome to just be a part of this group and enjoy the interaction, learn about ATCs for a while and what we do. There is no obligation to join a swap each month but we really hope you do! 
When you are ready to join one, watch for the notice and instructions in the group.