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Florasphere Flower Meanings ~ French Marigold

Frangipani /Plumeria Card Artwork

Frangipani- Puerto Rico- Freedom card complete! Oh I loved researching more stories, the nature connections and the history of this flower. 


"Freedom" Cheralyn Darcey 2014
14 x 21 cm woodblock carving, ink on recycled paper, paint

Punki is here and I was sharing AGAIN my Flower Fun Facts and she said, "Mum, we have heard these ones for years, I think they are your favourite FFFs"  
BUT FOR YOU ALL... they are NOT Native to Hawaii or even a Wildflower of Hawaii, (not of Australia either as many think) You can grow them so easily from a cutting though but hey they are pretty finicky as to where they will grow. 

They have seemingly varied meanings throughout the world from death to the hippy movement, to beauty potions BUT they all have a very common thread of freedom to be exactly as you really are.