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Release Negative Thoughts Drops ~ Florasphere Journal

Florasphere Flower Meanings ~ French Marigold

So many Marigolds, so many meanings! 

Good Morning!~  and much happiness to you this beautiful day. 
I love Marigolds and I know I'm very much in the minority here.
I think this is because they are one of those 'confronting' flowers with much to say though. Perhaps once you understand their properties you may have a slight change of heart. 

French Marigold

French Marigolds (perhaps the type we are most familiar with) are often a warning that we are missing something very vital. They are connected with our inner ability to hear the truth in matters. 
This could be our own inner self, the truth of others or universal truths. 
They once grew in abundance at an old boyfriend's house of mine. They flowered prolifically, they flowered for great lengths of time. He often said he hated them when I drew his attention to them and how I loved them. 
Now this relationship was one of those we often find ourselves in with people in our lives. I KNEW he was lying to me about things, about very important things BUT I just didn't want to hear it! 


I think the saying should be "Wake up and smell the French Marigolds", 
not Roses!  

Friends would try and tell me about him. My inner voice told me and life told me, BUT I just didn't want to hear. 

Another gift of French Marigold is to increase psychic abilities, these are an amazing flower to use in Spell Crafting for this purpose. Use as a Flower Essence or Flower Water and images and fresh in meditation and energy work. 
Have a wonderful day and may you be always blessed with all you seek in Nature! xx 

And from my Journal.... 


PS, you are always free to share or download and keep my journal pages as long as you do not alter them. These are my sketch studies and quick research notes for my larger artworks for decks and books. xx