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Sweet Peas!

WHAT have you go GROWING~ON this weekend? 

I have Sweet Peas (Lathyrus odoratus) FINALLY! 
They are very slow this year for me but that's ok, I know why!

What do Sweet Peas mean? 
They do connect strongly to the Faery Realm but they are also indicators of strong female power and they tell of an opportunity to settle down if you have had issues with finding what you would think of as 'home' or people you feel are family. 
When Sweet Pea blossoms in a place, we can feel at home. If someone gives you Sweet Peas, it means they think of you as family. 

I am not surprised that those I planted here in this house have taken so long to flower and have a very faint scent.  We are moving soon and have only lived in this house for just over a year. It;s not home, as much as I've tried to make it so, I know it isn't and i've not enjoyed being here. 
The energy I have tried to bring in has made my spirits lift though and I DO feel really nice now they have shown up  
If you feel like the comfort of home, sit with sweet Peas, grow them, draw them, have their images surrounding you. 

SO what have YOU got GROWING~ON this weekend my friends?