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October 2014

After the Blood Moon ~

Just awoke, bathed in Her light. 


The blankets had drifted to let Her magickal empowering Light bath my entire being with pure new energy and love. I feel refreshed, recharged and ready. 
Thank you Moon!  
Step forward from the quick dark to see things anew. 

Wildflower_Cards - Samples Cropped 2_Page_03

If you are looking for a Flower today and the coming week, I would suggest Boronia (boronia ledifolia)
for her connections with clarity and as we come into the retrograde she is brilliant as a communication supporter too. 



Portrait Artist of the Year tv show

I am completely ENTRANCED by the show 'Portrait Artist of the Year' 


PERHAPS don't look at the SKY LINK below if you don't want to know the overall finalists as we are only up to episode two in Australia. the Aussie tv link is here:


YES I'm 'into the art' but I adore problem solving and artistic invention and when you are constrained by time/materials/situation/theme it is AMAZING what you/people can create. you can make damn well ANYTHING with money and resources and what i adore is that each of these artists has 4 hours (plus breaks) to create a Portrait. 

It is RIVETING viewing. 

WHY? Well because a portrait is NOT just a visual likeness it is a expression of a person ~ character and personality are CRUCIAL to creating one. SO the producers have selected sitters which are very well known for the artists and posed them accordingly but still, in an instant , each artist must decide from minute one on so many factors to convey the sense of the person. 

loving it loving loving it! 

If you don't understand Portraiture, do yourself a favour  AND WATCH IT. 

If you already or have worked in this field WATCH IT too. Just feel so happy, uplifted and well JUST HAPPY watching these artists. The sitters are very genuine and lovely too. Watching their vulnerability is beautiful.

The judges!! ~ I'm loving the extra insight we are being given each episode into their worlds and you really get a great sense of each and the balance is terrific. I have found myself smiling along with them and feeling for them too. These are not cold hard academics, far from it (actually who is?) Episode one, you MAY get that sense, who doesn't when faced with creative judging, but keep watching 

It's on Foxtel here.

*claps paint covered hands together*



Balmain Library Talk~ Tuesday 21st October

West and Inner City Sydney friends ~ 

I'll be at the Balmain Library in a couple of weeks time! 


A Tuesday Evening Balmain Library Author Talk
with Environmental Author & Artist & Flower Reader Cheralyn Darcey 
Tuesday 21 October
6:30pm - 8:00pm

Balmain Library
Light refreshments

Free event - All welcome


REALLY looking forward to this as it's my home. I began flower reading as a child, not in some majestic garden estate but with the daisies and dandelions of the back lane ways, the jump up Johnny's along the waterways of the place I will always call home.

Thank you so ver

I will be sharing the Language of Nature and discussing how you can connect, understand and then grow from this knowledge. From traditional flower reading to modern science's affirmation of what we all inherently know and live, come with me and let's see what Nature is saying to you! 
As I do at all my get togethers, I will also be reading your flowers. 

It is a free event but you will need to book by visiting the Library Event Booking page here:

LOVE to see you there xx

PS: There is a Facebook Event Page to keep updated if you would like to join here: 
FACEBOOK Cheralyn@ Balmian Library EVENT PAGE 

You can also contact me at [email protected] for more information 

Sign or just a Lovely Happening?

A sign or just a lovely happening? 


Like you, perhaps, sometimes I find myself looking for signs, or rather seeing things and wondering if THIS IS IT, the big sign, the moment, the assurance, the indication or the way to go forward or even the validation. 

Often I have found it's just a lovely happening and in that, I find it's a reminder that on the whole things are going to be ok. Lovely things happen, the future can be bright and you know, if I don't get on with my work, if I don't do the things that make me happy, if I don;t look up from what is pulling me down,
well I'll probably miss out on more Lovely Happenings. 

So I think the things we think of as Signs are reminders. 

Stay true

You are doing ok

Look at the nice things

Experience the wonder

Stop breath and think 


Creative Blocks & Paths Around Them

Yesterday I was chatting on-line with a friend about creative blocks. Do I have them?
YES! BUt I embrace them and I get over them pretty quickly. 

I think the reason I get over creative blocks with more ease is experience and diversity in my practice and I recognise them for the opportunity that they bring.
I do A LOT of different forms of creativity. When I feel something isn't working I will hop onto another project or art form. I write, I sculpt, I print, I carve, I paint in every medium you could image and I draw and weave and sew and I make jewellery and the list goes on. 

So if focus is lost on one thing, I simply refocus on another and come back later. I ride over the bump with different wheels. Perhaps this is something that could do! If you get blocked, try something different. Even LEARN something knew. If you are painting, try sculpting, knitting. You know even organising your supplies can get the creative juices flowing again as you stumble on something you have forgotten you had or look at your tools in a new way. 

Do I ever feel COMPLETELY drained or uninspired?
Of course! Sometimes other things in life catch up on me and my emotions cause me to not feel connected with the work I want to do. That's all that is happening with you when you feel like this and it is TEMPORARY. You need to tell yourself that. 

Those times are my exploration days. I will read, look at Pinerest (ha!), talk to my other arty friends, pick up my old journals (I keep a lot of inspirations in them) and just generally PLAY and dream. I don;t force myself, I don't go 'looking' for anything in particular. I browse I wander. When you do this, SOMETHING eventually will catch your interest, will pull you into it's creative magic. You will start learning about glass blowing or the way they make tables or perhaps remember how much you enjoyed learning macrame from your Mum. Patterns will emerge and tiny parts of these will light up new ideas. 

I'm often baffled at the response of some people "I feel inadequate when I look at it" NOOOOOOOO
Don't look at Pinterest amzeballness and look for things to COPY or compare!! You are setting yourself up there straight away for a BLOCK and also remember this: People only POST THEIR BEST WORK! No one is posting the 'however many failures' along the way! I look at pinterest and just ENJOY it. I am not looking for something or comparing. Learn to appreciate the creativity of others and the joy they are sharing. It will lift your creative spirit and ENGAGE you. 

I do not look for perfect outcomes or any outcome in any creative process. 
All I do is create. I don't even compete with myself, let alone anyone else. I have always had the attitude that my voice and my style is worthy. It deserves to be created, it deserves to be in existence. 
It does not have to be best, biggest, brightest. It just has to be.

HINT: Once you really practice this attitude for years, you become incredibly strong anyway and funnily enough you are far more productive than the competitive types. They waste far too much energy trying so hard to beat everyone else and not focusing on just doing the work! They also lose the ability to be truly original as their voice is always a response to win not a response to answer a need or a to explore an idea or develop a concept. 

Have I been criticised over my creative work?
SURE plenty of times. Sometime justly and helpfully and other times spitefully. The first is fantastic! I have learned. The second? Well you know interestingly enough in all my 30 years of professional creativity, never once has the person who unproductively criticised me for my work produced anything similar or near what I've done. I don't mean this in an arrogant way at all. They either are not familiar with what I am doing and that's ok, not everyone needs to understand or like what I'm doing, or they are just annnoying negative people perhaps with other agendas wasting my time.  It is water off a ducks back. If you hear counterproductive talk, do as I do *yawn* and carry on. 

.... and when you feel like the whole world is against you. When you feel like life is crap, that your work is crappy and you are blocked remember......


because my best ideas.... brightest work.... have ALWAYS come through adversity and I am incredibly thankful for all the blocks and bumps in my life because I would never of tried anything NEW had the road I was on been straight, smooth and easy! 

Cheralyn xx