Flower ~ nature spoke

I have so many lovely supportive emails and messages re Flower, my little Nature Inspirational friend. THANK YOU! really thank you! x
I am a little taken by surprise as I have sketched her for a very long time but never really thought of sharing her before. I am so happy she makes YOU as happy as she does me. 

It has been a joy and much fun to see her shared with me after going on a journey in cyberspace too! 
So I don't flood everyone's news feeds, I won't be sharing FLOWER on this profile wall everyday, just sometimes and not in both formats (raw sketch and with painted background). 

I will be sharing all of FLOWER'S World over at my Page Florasphere each day along with lots of Nature Inspirations & Flower Reading tips and information. SO if you would like to stay in touch with Flower please like the page HERE: https://www.facebook.com/florasphere

I have been approached by a few people about working with Flower and their projects which is thoughful and very nice but for now, I am just happy creating and sharing her.
I am writing a few little books and an affirmation card set which feature her right now and should have them ready as a handmade zine type publication in December.

IF you are interested, then perhaps you could subscribe to my newsletter
you won't miss out on seeing them.




bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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