Messages From Nature ~ Bird of Paradise
Festival of Dreams Sydney ~ August 2014

Going Back to the Source

Creating my Artworks for my Reading Decks and my Books takes years. 
The research happens in libraries, in intuitions, around coffee tables and yes sometimes even bars (ok that was once when the expert wouldn;t give up Monday night darts!), in places far and wide but to really get to know what i am creating and writing about I need to experience the Energy at The Source. 
This means being out in Nature (tough job hey!) 

To create my artworks I sketch and photograph each flower and plant in place as I find it growing.
From these studies, I will carve linoblocks and wood blocks and print then paint the final artworks which will illustrate my Publications and Reading Card Oracle Decks. 

This week I was inspired to take the final images I had created of various works for the AUSTRALIAN WILDFLOWER READING CARDS Oracle Deck back to their source origins. I simply cut and pasted the finial images back into  location photos of the flowers. 
No photoshoping for either image in the way of colour change, feathering, templates, effects, nothing except cut, paste and re-size.  Simplicity. taking away so that Nature herself could meld, contain and perhaps accept what i had created. 

My first thoughts where to create images so you all could really SEE what goes on, additionally, when I create my works and publications but in fact there is nothing additional to learn at all. This is a subtraction not an addition. Nature takes in and grows around. The layers are all absorbed to become one again. 


Wildflower_Cards - Samples Cropped 2_Page_42

Flannel flower photo

Wildflower_Cards - Samples Cropped 2_Page_13
Working happily now with all my documentation material I have collected over the years to create these pieces in between working on my next Decks. It's a very happy place to be in.

Perhaps to just be is the the message here.
To not be dismissive of the simplicity the pure source that is already here. 
Nature will happily accept us as we are if we just let go and step in. 
We do not need to bring much at all with us. 

may nature always bless you with everything you ever need my friends, 
Love Cheralyn xx