Flower Spirit Reading ~ Is it 'Flower Reading'?

This one came up a few times again over the weekend. 
Along with the question being asked, people then want to know what I think of it. 

Traditional Flower Reading
(what I do)  

Flower Reading is something we all can do, no matter how 'psychic' we are, what we believe or what we practice. In fact, you already do it without realising. To understand Nature, is to read what is known as 'The Doctrine of Signatures' or the term I prefer 'The Language of Nature'. You may of also noticed this referred to when speaking of flowers as 'The Language of Flowers'. The other term I have come across is 'The Language of All Things'. When connected directly with just Flowers the terms Floromancy and Floramancy are also used. 

I really do not believe that a psychic or mediumship 'ability' even improves your ability to understand this. Through teaching Flower Reading, what I have noticed is that these abilities add an additional layer, an additional modality WHILE the person is conducting a Consultation directly with another person. 

What does improve it is study and experience with Nature and Nature based modalities. Observation skills are paramount and this is why I teach sketching and art in my Flower reading Workshops and courses because through these we become part of the picture, the energy of Nature and Flowers. Why is this so important? Because Flowers and Nature are not our tools. Traditional Flower Reading involves interaction, it involves being a part of Nature. observing then joining in, then sharing what you have learned. 

So what Is the Other Flower Reading? 

In this type of reading the person will offer messages from those passed or they will offer you divination if you bring a flower or select a flower from them. The actual flower meanings will usually be basic if offered at all. In this type of reading there is little conversation as the reading is completely messages and oracle divination. 

This is Psycometry, the method of reading an object that a person has touched or been connected with in some way with psychic abilities to gain a divination reading or they may use the fLower as an anchor through with someone who has passed can send a message. This is mediumship. Someone who reads via Psycometry is reading the vibrational energy pattern of you through the flower or of the person who has passed. This type of Flower Reading is popular in Spiritual Churches and places which feature mediumship. 

The Differences between the Two? 
In a Traditional Flower Reading there is a lot more conversation going on between you and
the Flower Reader as you explore and discover your connections for guidance, healing and 
balance as well as importantly reconnection to what is going on around you. 
No 'one' is telling you what to do, this is personal empowerment through connecting with 
Nature more closely. 
In a nutshell I will often share:  
A Psycometry Reading will give an answer; a Flower Reading will illuminate definite 
 possibilities and teach you how to work alongside Nature with what is found. 

So What Do I Think? 

Does it matter? Well I don't think it does but for the record: I admit that at times I have had the occasional strong message (psycometery) but this I think would happen no matter what modality I was sharing at the time. My energy and focus was just there at the time, with flowers and plants. 
I do not see anything 'wrong' with Flower Pyscometery being called Flower Read

ing but the term is miss-leading. To me it's a tiny part of the whole and while I do not know and can not comment on the individual practices of others that I know nothing about, I would hope that there is a deeper connection with Nature. 

I stand very strong on the grounds that Nature is not our tool. Any sharing of her gifts in my opinion must come from a position of deep learning and study and also be balanced and this is why I am an active member in my community with environmental projects, it is why I studied Botany, it is why I studied Natural Modalities. I encourage my students to do the same always. To develop a dedicated practice that includes living as a responsible part of nature and being activly involved in it's care. 


May nature bless you with everything you ever need my friend! 

Cheralyn xx 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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