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Environmental Passion

For the past year I haven't exhibited my artwork much, too busy writing my Oracle Decks and Books and creating the artworks for them. The artwork, the message and the entire 'project' that these have been since the first glimmer of perception has been to help the environment. 
My hope was to get people really looking at the importance of looking after our plants and our environment and through something that we instantly connect with ~  Flowers! 
Clever these Flowers, they know how to attract us! 

I have felt bad that I haven't joined in various festivals and exhibitions as I used to because I know how vitally important these events are in raising awareness and also funds. 

I have continued though working a day a week at the Manly Environment Centre, as hard as that has been some weweks when things have been very busy. We all joke that really its my escape.Its true I do get to disconnect from everything being all about personal projects and me and reconnect with it being all about the environment and my community. 

So what do I do there? Well I'm the Social Media person so I create supporting platforms for the Environment and I also write a lot of bits and pieces. I create blogs, newsletters, facebook posts, I tweet and I do a little bit of graphic design too. Sometimes I'm just picking tape off old banners or cutting up clippings or grabbing coffee for someone. I'm there, i show up and thats really what you need to do. It's not about me, it's not about showing everyone how awesome you are, it's being a pair of hands. 


There are a lot of projects which come under the banner of the Manly Environment Centre and these are all things which I will do little bits to help with, everything from Shark Cull Rallies to Indigenous Festivals, Clean Up the Beaches, to the Little Penguins, to educational initiative's and the list goes on. 

I'm not an expert, I'm not highly trained, I just have a passion to help out that's all.
That's all you need to help these organisations. 

So while I haven't been able to say to everyone this year, "Come to this or that exhibition or event of mine" I have shared those events that I've known about with everyone and I have continued on with the hands on work. 

My Australian Wildflower Reading Cards have been a huge commitment of time and I am currently working on upcoming titles too and I am thrilled with the response and with the energy of people real understanding their message of connecting closer with Nature and being a part of her, not just an observer. 

Wildflower_Cards - Samples Cropped 2_Page_13

Though they don't fly the banner or sport a sticker proclaiming them Environmental Activist tools, they are very much a work of environmental passion. I believe that normalising what is already here, tking us back to the simplicity of observing nature, understanding our environment and the biodiversity of it and our place in it so that we are in the mindset of protecting the environment as a matter of course is vitally important right now. 

I support wholeheartedly with my time, donations and energy, those who are the Eco Warriors but I feel there is also a definite need for those of us in the everyday to simply share what we know. To sit in a circle in friendship and create through simple daily actions, simple change, simple steps. 

The exciting, explosive, shocking, high energy of the protest, the rally, the event, is wonderful and I am all for it and join in too, but there is also a need for the calm continuance and diligent care and LIFELONG CONNECTION with Nature to effect true and lasting change. 

From later this year, I will begin exhibiting again at Environmental exhibitions as I have been working behind the scenes on a few other projects. I am also incredibly excited that the artwork for the Australian Wildflower Reading Cards will be featured in some of these exhibitions. 

I'll always just create, share and do and I think this past year has taught me that's actually the most important thing and the key to longterm change. Example is the best way to effect change and what we need is the majoity changing. The example should be what is attainable for all to achieve. 

When it's not about me, its not about other people either, it's just about creating and sharing, a very strong foundation can be created, an old foundation can be given the attention it needs too. 

May Nature always bless you with all that you need! 
Love, Cheralyn xx