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Messages From Nature ~ Bird of Paradise

Nature Blessings & Message! 

This week we discussed, over on my Facebook page, the Flowers and Plants that you may not in fact like at all and it provided really interesting conversations and comments for many of you. 
The crown goes to Bird of Paradise this week as the Flower that many of you don't like, have mixed feelings for or, in some cases, hate! 

As I shared, we need to look at the energies of the flower/plant to see what it contains to work out what it is that the flower is saying to us, the message it holds and the things we may need to work on. 
Sometimes when I'm in consultation with people, they tell me that they have lifelong aversions to certain flowers and plants and in these cases, these are deep seated personal limiting beliefs. 

YOU don't need me to tell you what you are feeling or what you need to work on. 
Have a look at the keys that Bird of Paradise in this postcard that I have created. I sketched it from one that is currently flowering in a neighbours front yard right now. These are the main keynotes of The Bird of Paradise Flower and you may gain some illumination as to why you feel strongly about this flower or why it's a reoccurring theme for you right now. 

Strelitzia reginae, The Bird of Paradise Flower and also known as the Crane Flower, is native to South Africa and is named as such because it resembles a bird in flight or a crane standing on one leg. 
The flowers consist of a modified petal approx. 20cm long, known as a bract, This creates the long boat like shape that the bright orange tinged yellow and crimson and purple petals emerge from. The leaves are a dark sage to forest green and about 15 x 20cm in great masses in which the flowers stand. 
The entire plant grows to over 1 meter up to 1.5 meters in height and flowers from late winter through to mid summer. 

The Bird of Paradise Flower is such an interesting flower which many cultures believe connects what is above to what is here on earth and what is below. It reminds us that anything is possible when we work for the greater good and leave our ego and our insecurities behind us.
The flower is often a reminder to really sort out what is ego talk and work, especially that created to mould with the perceptions of others and what is the true authentic meaning and purpose of one's life. I see this flower come up when people are questioning their purpose or are unsure of how others perceive them. 
Others may believe it to be a bird that is flower, some a flower that is a bird, but it is still a blessing of nature, no matter it's form or how others may perceive it to be. The Bird of Paradise still blooms, after it has done it's work and it still lives it's life purpose authentically and it doesn't change to suit the perceptions of others, only to suit it's true purpose. 
It is a Flower of Alchemy, it reminds us that anything is possible if we would just commit and do the work and again listen to our intuition honestly. Hear what is there, not what we want to believe. In this we may work balance, with strength, magick and with connection to what is above and what is below. Authentically. 

I hope this illuminates this Blessing of Nature a little more for you. 

The postcard I have created from a sketch in my Journal is for you to download, to print and even to share on the internet. Do not change it in anyway though or use it for any other purpose. 
For a copy.....RIGHT CLICK and save to your computer. 

MN bird of paradise

A Gift for you Inspired by Brigid

They say the first Snowdrops arise from the Earth in the Footsteps of the Goddess Brigid as she returns to us..... 
Snowdrop cheralyn

This woodblock print was created by me last year on my return from Ireland and if you click on it you will be taken to a full sized image to download and print for yourself. 

Galanthus nivalis
The Language and Energies:  Truth, New Light, Hope, Purity, Regeneration, Renewal, Cleansing, Forgiveness

I wake with a heart so full of thanks most Blessed Brigid, Goddess of Living Flame.

Brigid's Fire Temple, KILDARE, Ireland June 2013

I made it through a very long winter of years and today on this my 50th year on Earth and my 30th in dedication to you, I give thanks for your Inspiration and never quenched Flame that I followed, which warmed me in the cold, that lit my Path and glowed with a never ending hope. Thank you for the summer days, the spring days of hope and now for the glorious roaring summer that you always promised would come and you always held the Flame high to lead me. 

You have forged my hands and heart together to work in ways I sometimes, to be honest, doubted but you have had the patience to wait, your Flame dimmed at times in me but you never put it out, Hail Brigid. 
I thank you for the way you guided me to Ireland last year to your flame and you set into motion with me something that I treasure and am so grateful for. 
Today, your day, I stand by my promise, I hear you, I honour what is between us and I will continue. 
Hail Brigid! Powerful, Blessed and Divine Goddess, Bright Flame.

I send YOU, my friends, Blessings of today, may your Path be bright with the Light of the Goddess Flame and may Inspiration always find you!

A lifelong wish come true, sitting with The Flame of the Goddess! KILDARE, IRELAND June 2013

Brigid's Fire Temple with my daughter!, Maddison, KILDARE, Ireland June 2013

Brigid's Well. Kildare, Ireland I had lost my ribbon and my daughter, Maddison torn off one from her dress and I tied it. Blessed Brigid I thank you for hearing me that day. Hail Brigid!

May Nature always bless you and in turn may you be a blessing to Nature!

Cheralyn xx 

as long as they both remain unaltered and full credit is given