Environmental Art Entry ~ Warringah Art Prize 2014
A Gift for you Inspired by Brigid

Nature Work Keeps Going......

The release of my first general publication the "Australian Wildflower Reading Cards" Rockpool publishing September 2014 is just about to happen and having an advance copy in my hands is a physical realisation of a long held and hard worked at dream. 

It has been a very long journey and even once I was given my contract and even though I had already completed the Deck, it is still nearly a year long publishing process to go from artwork and manuscript to a publication in a bookstore. 

This whole past year I have continued working on two books focused on my work with Nature, a non fiction and a fiction book and a smaller work of Flowers. Ahhhh and The Decks! I have another three decks in various stages of completion as well and it is a monumental task to create the artworks and to write the manuscripts for each. Especially so as I work in a fairly decent size in lino and wood block printing. I also paint these prints in my much adored gouache, another very slow process that involves building up layers of glazes. 

My writing involves a lot of research of the Botanical Sciences and cultural, historical and mythological studies. To bring it down to a page in Guidebook is days, weeks, sometimes months of work. I do this alongside the creation of each artwork. 


My fine art focus is to deconstruct what my eyes see to get to the spiritual center of what my heart feels and what my study and research illuminates for me to produce these images and that is not something I can do sitting in front of a computer screen or studio easel. I have created a little nook in my garden that is Sydney Winter friendly to sit and write and create in and I do as much in the Field as is possible. 

Even though I have travelled and lived throughout the world, there are some places I haven't been to of course. These flowers in place have been a challenge so this has involved extra consultation, research and work to ensure complete authenticity in bringing them into my Decks. 
There is no Flower or Plant that I haven't experienced the presence of in my work. 
Here are a few images from upcoming decks for you to enjoy now.......

All ~ 21 x 30cm 

wood block print in ink on recycled paper & gouache

EARTH web blue water lily

EARTH web sakura

EARTH web paintbrush

May Nature Always Bless You with all that You Need! 
Cheralyn xx