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Success is the Best Revenge or IS IT?

I see this comment made over and over and OVER .... 
It always makes me feel uneasy. For the person sharing it.
It is also incredibly unhealthy for those in the Creative fields. 

It's not the word SUCCESS... it's the word REVENGE coupled with it. 

It also points squarely at the fact that you are competing with others on a personality level and that you have put YOU ahead of your Passion, Life Purpose and Path. 

At present it seems to be the banner (and a very popular one) which people fly to let others know that underneath it all they ARE in fact SUCCEEDING.
The fact is, we don't need to be shown or told if that's the case.
Successful people are usually pretty quiet about it. They just get on with it. 

My other very strong feeling and experience is that when declaring that Success is the best Revenge, they are succeeding or seeking to succeed in their opponents LANE. They may be on the same field but they are not running their own race. They are NOT in what is truly their Path, Passion and Purpose because if they where.... REVENGE wouldn't come into it. 

If you seek Revenge, you seek to win over someone who you feel has done you wrong. 
SO your entire Path will change. 
Oh you may still be in the same field, but you will twist and shape yourself and your work and you will monitor those who wish to impress, beat and be victorious over. YOUR WORK WILL CHANGE. 

It will no longer be a Gift that you Share with the World, but a Weapon that you will use to show everyone how Powerful, Great and Amazing you REALLY are. 

You are using Success so you can exact Revenge. 
Since everyone's ideas of Success is vastly different and you REALLY can never be sure what that is, you will be either spreading yourself ultra thin to ensure you hit the mark or you will be completely diverting your energy and focus. Either way, you are off course. Your focus has shifted. 

I have been let down, rejected, hurt, snubbed and MORE by so many entities, institutions and people in my life BUT I have never wanted REVENGE. I have had successes and the moments and the times have made me so happy, content, proud that I haven't cared less what others are noticing or thinking. 

Revenge is a competition that is creatively destructive, let it go. It has no place in your life. 
When someone hurts me or rejects me, sure I'm upset and sure I feel angry, frustrated and sad. But after the fallout I look at what happened and I may in fact learn something about myself. Even if it's that the person or entity has no place in my life, is dreadfully wrong and now I need to heal from the experience and not let that happen again! 
....BUT I may in fact (usually) learn that somewhere between the two experiences, theirs and mine, the truth of the matter lies and I can pick something up there and move forward with it. 

I am inspired by others, yes even those I've had negative experiences with, and I have been big enough to get over the hurts, be honest with myself and work harder, better and with progression in what truly is my Passion. 
Success is the best REWARD. 

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