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Native Bees

It started with an argument. 

Many moons ago...I sat in a garden, on the shores of Sydney Harbour and a neon spark flittered around us. 
"A BEE!" I exclaimed
Boyfriend at the time jumped up and swooshed it away, "You idiot that's a wasp not a bee" 
I tried to open a discussion but was mocked. 
He didn't last much long after that.  The boyfriend, not the bee. The bee was fine. 

I think to this day, the Neon Cuckoo Bee had something to show me. 
At the time I was reading tarot in markets on weekends, working as a tour guide in the days and creating my art, mostly pastels, huge pastels of flowers. I was living in Paddington in Sydney, not far from the Botanical Gardens and would spend every moment I could lost in this world within a world. 

I was also in world of my boyfriend at the time, very different from what I wanted in my heart and I was trying very hard to fit into his corporate culture. Love makes you do that at times!
I felt as if I was constantly changing to reform to  these new environments but never making them my own in any way. I was always uncomfortable. 

It was that moment that I saw the fear of Nature in my boyfriend's eyes that I woke up.
Fear makes people very onioned and close minded. 
I was also fearful of living my life completely free and open. I would often conform or try to be what I was not, through fear of rejection. 

To my boyfriend, the only sort of bee was this one: 


Everything else that looked bee-like was a Wasp and he refused to look any deeper. 

Australian Native Bees!!!!! 
There are over 1,500 species of Native Australian bees!! 
Honey Bees & Bumble Bees are introduced bees to this country. 
Native Bees are vital for our Wildflowers. Most of our bees do not live in hives, but alone. Some do create hives, but they are very different from European Bees. The honey is amazing, incredibly therapeutic, but you need to be patient with the production. It can take up to 6 months to see a small jar of honey if at all. The Native ecosystem will thank you for it though. 

Ten of our our bees are also STINGLESS & produce HONEY! How wonderful is that! You can and should keep a hive. It is the one most amazing, fantastic thing you can do for the Environment. Ask you local council or google. You can find loads of information via the links below.

My children's old school had Native Bee Hives, it was so wonderful experience. If you have children, ask your school about the possibility of introducing a hive of stingless native bees. 

A lot of our Native Bees look like flies. 
Trogona carbonaria

Put the spray away. Better still, if you live in Australia, please familiarise yourself with out native insect friends.

                                             Thyreus nitidulus ~ Neon Cuckoo Bee