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Success is the Best Revenge or IS IT?

Magazine Article Deadline!

I left this deadline until the 11th hour.... accidentally. 
I do work better under pressure and all that so have been known to do this 'not accidentally' but really this wasn't my intention this week. 
Have you ever had a day, a week, a month, when you just couldn't get the dates to stick in your head? 

So the 15th June (my deadline) has been singing it's little tune in the back of my head for a couple of weeks and I've been lulled into thinking..... "Oh yeah I have PLENTY OF TIME, why June has just begun!"

I could cheat and cut a chunk out of the book I'm writing and just submit that, and to be honest that move is looking really tempting. I could stop blogging and start writing the article but hey, I'm in procrastination zone and I've beautifully convinced myself that this is a warm up exercise. Who can write magazine articles and books until their coffee kicks in anyway? 

mmmmm hang on maybe I should have breakfast first too.... you cant write on an empty stomach.

..... perhaps a run would be good too.... oh it's raining.... 

OK OK OK I'll just start the magazine article! 

It's not that I haven't written one before. I've written many. 
This one, well this one, is really important because it comes out at the same time as my very first mainstream published oracle card deck. This is the first publication directly connected with the work I have dedicated my life to but has, up until now, been passed over.  

So yeah, I'm dragging the chain and not begum because I'm a tad fearful and wantto get it REALLY right. 

Oh everyone has wanted me to write about Art, write about Craft but once I have been there and then started sharing my passion for flowers, for plants the door has been shut. It has been extremely hard to share my work because of mountainous assumptions surrounding the Botanical Modalities are so strong. 

So now that the door has been unlocked and a Publisher has understood the my work isn't about Flower Essences but from the SOURCE... the Language of NATURE and has embraced my work, I have my chance to share what I am so passionate about a little more widely. 

I have scribbled notes of such amazing facts and moments of sheer brilliance (so I told myself at 11pm last night)..... but you know I think I will just have a little chat with the readers. It's a cold rainy day, I feel like sitting by the fire with a friend and talking of things we both love......