Crowea ~ Messages from Nature

I had so many people contact me thanking me for my Messages from Nature video last week that I thought I would invite you along again... I think I need to adjust my camera angles... I'm a one woman's not Cheralyn INC here ;) 

I was out hiking amongst the Crowea on North Head in Sydney all weekend (and the last).... I sketched so many in the field.... here is one that keeps coming back to me.... 


I don't Channel a Higher Being... I Listen to Nature.... to the Trees, to the Flowers, to the Leaves... to the Waters, the Seas..... then I share that experience.
The only "Gift" I have is a curious mind, an open heart and a positive outlook.
All things, anyone can enjoy once they focus on them. Perhaps I'm a little more willing to put in the hard work than most and I have no high expectations or grandiose dreams.
I live in reality and happiness.

Look after Nature, be a part of it, work WITH it and you will be rewarded with her blessings and her earth magic. Work with what is already here! 


From these sketches I will go on to create other artworks and expand with
much more research and exploration. 

This is a final Artwork transformed into a card from my upcoming
Rockpool Publishing, September 2014. 

I created lino carved prints that I hand panted in gouache paints. The Guidebook contains Botanical information and the meaning of the each Flower that you can use for Guidance, a deeper connection with Nature and for direction in healing and balance. 

Wildflower_Cards - Samples Cropped 2_Page_07

May Nature provide and Bless you with all that you ever need my friend. xx 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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