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Are there Faeries?

Sketching nudes has always been my warm up to any other art I create. I have painted them for as many years as I've been an Artist just about and had entire block of my career when that was my major focus. The only focus I had away at all from Flowers in 30 years! 


I think it is the fact that you must be fluid in order to sketch the female form. So you have to relax, you need to really know your subject and relate. Let go and follow the lines, the shadows and light and immerse. Once I've sketched out a few, I'll move on to my work for the day.
(Flowers! Plants! Nature!.......) 

Why am I sharing these faeries now? 

My little nudes are becoming faeries, but that's nothing new. They often do, I'm just sharing them now. I think I have always felt I can only show my finished oils, watercolours, printmaking and sculptures and now, well, I'm inviting you all into my practice to see the inspirations,
the creativity, as it evolves. 

I get asked a lot, how do I create artworks and I don't think a lot of people realise I live it,
I create ALL THE TIME. I'm out in Nature ALL THE TIME. I don't slot in a time and sit down and do it or plan to get out there. It's my life. 

BUT!.......Are there REALLY Faeries? 
Well I believe there are Nature Spirits who live in the land. Call them what you will but I believe that they are seen to us in the form that we can most easily interpret. I think that they are seen as Tinkerbell Disney to some and to others as Angelic~like or to others as Light dancing on leaves, seen swiftly from the corner of an eye while at peace in Nature.

I never judge of pass comment on the relationship that Nature shares with another. I don't say mine is 'right' either. It is just mine. I share it openly and if you like it, find joy, find your own inspiration, if it makes you THINK and wonder, explore and get out there..... 
then great! 

And remember........
If you want to be Creative and create Art.... create all the time.... 
Do it.... because
Art will grow from Sketches & Books will grow from Journals.