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Are there Faeries?

Sketching nudes has always been my warm up to any other art I create. I have painted them for as many years as I've been an Artist just about and had entire block of my career when that was my major focus. The only focus I had away at all from Flowers in 30 years! 


I think it is the fact that you must be fluid in order to sketch the female form. So you have to relax, you need to really know your subject and relate. Let go and follow the lines, the shadows and light and immerse. Once I've sketched out a few, I'll move on to my work for the day.
(Flowers! Plants! Nature!.......) 

Why am I sharing these faeries now? 

My little nudes are becoming faeries, but that's nothing new. They often do, I'm just sharing them now. I think I have always felt I can only show my finished oils, watercolours, printmaking and sculptures and now, well, I'm inviting you all into my practice to see the inspirations,
the creativity, as it evolves. 

I get asked a lot, how do I create artworks and I don't think a lot of people realise I live it,
I create ALL THE TIME. I'm out in Nature ALL THE TIME. I don't slot in a time and sit down and do it or plan to get out there. It's my life. 

BUT!.......Are there REALLY Faeries? 
Well I believe there are Nature Spirits who live in the land. Call them what you will but I believe that they are seen to us in the form that we can most easily interpret. I think that they are seen as Tinkerbell Disney to some and to others as Angelic~like or to others as Light dancing on leaves, seen swiftly from the corner of an eye while at peace in Nature.

I never judge of pass comment on the relationship that Nature shares with another. I don't say mine is 'right' either. It is just mine. I share it openly and if you like it, find joy, find your own inspiration, if it makes you THINK and wonder, explore and get out there..... 
then great! 

And remember........
If you want to be Creative and create Art.... create all the time.... 
Do it.... because
Art will grow from Sketches & Books will grow from Journals.


George's Heights ~ Fuchsia & Cannon Balls

The Admiral is fond of saying that if it wasn't for the Australian Military, the just about pristine bushland around our harbour would of been lost last century. 

The Army and Navy have in fact looked after and preserved great tracks of land since settlement and I often say this to great shock but seriously, think about it! Look at the rest of say, Balmoral and Mosman, that my friends is what places like Middle Harbour and Georges Heights would look like today if the the Navy and the Army had not of had their installations there!
I'm not saying it's been a perfect relationship AT ALL, but I would rather have most of the bushland preserved than leveled. 


I am so lucky as I've already had over 25 years of access to these places but now the Military has given  giving back most areas to public access via the Harbour Foreshore Trust and rest assured that though they still hold smaller areas, it is cared for with incredible dedication to preserving the environment. 

I remember 20 plus years ago attending Ships Balls and staying overnight at HMAS Penguin and being an early riser, creeping out to wander about the scrub while watching the sunrise with my sketchbook and drawing the banksia, the lemon bottle brush, fuchsia heath and delighting in the chatter of the  black cockatoos and whip bird chorus.
Sometimes a wallably would be finding it's way home, stopping by the mess for the fruit left out by the cook and would regard me I suppose as curious in my civvies. 

All this wild nature right in the middle of Australia's busiest and biggest city. 
(Black Cockatoos this weekend!) 

On weekends we would often bring our young children to 'The Base' and then go for bush walks and picnics. Alone, no Rangers, no one to share the trails and tracks. We would sit up high on the cliff tops overlooking The Sydney Harbour Heads, watching the spinnakers and dolphins for hours. 

The kids loved exploring the old Forts and we still do today. I feel like I'm in an episode of the Walking Dead at times as I walk within the corridoors of sandstone and concrete, of bars and rusty metal, not wanting to look around the bend!


Nature has taken over and silenced the area as many buildings and shapes seem to have become modern day lost temples within the bush. 

We often return there now and did so this weekend. Now, open to the Public, we share the area with young families and tourists, with locals out jogging or enjoying the fresh air.  It's more accessible in so many ways with marked tracks and information boards, but still the Admiral spins his warries about diving in the areas below and shares with me, and anyone who shares our trail!, the history and the fun facts about the area. 


This weekend we met a Ranger. The Admiral and I are still arguing about his name! I think it is Phil, he thinks it's Dave! We shall find out next time. He was very helpful in sharing with me areas of flowering Wildflowers and it was interesting to see which plants had been selected for regeneration in a few sections. He had also unearthed.... CANNON BALLS! The Admiral was in blokey heaven :) 
We got an invitation to come back with Ranger Awesome to his office to see the Cannon Balls from 1850 and the tin box that they where found in. 



A few of the Flowers I Found: 

Fuchsia Heath 

Flannel Flower 

The Guardian of the Rock

Lemon Bottlebrush

This Flower was so powerful and zinging as the photo reveled. 

GUESS! (yes it's a trick question!) 


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Butterfly Messages

Good Morning my Beautiful Friends...
Do Butterflies mean anything? Great question in my email box this morning! 
Why yes they do! 


Understanding the Messages of Nature is listening to her language. 
This is a Butterfly I saw on the weekend and the messages that she holds..... 
How do I know this?... I watch, I study, I listen. 
Have a wonderful day  .... OH and are there any Butterflies, bugs, flowers that have been speaking to you this week?

Native Bees

It started with an argument. 

Many moons ago...I sat in a garden, on the shores of Sydney Harbour and a neon spark flittered around us. 
"A BEE!" I exclaimed
Boyfriend at the time jumped up and swooshed it away, "You idiot that's a wasp not a bee" 
I tried to open a discussion but was mocked. 
He didn't last much long after that.  The boyfriend, not the bee. The bee was fine. 

I think to this day, the Neon Cuckoo Bee had something to show me. 
At the time I was reading tarot in markets on weekends, working as a tour guide in the days and creating my art, mostly pastels, huge pastels of flowers. I was living in Paddington in Sydney, not far from the Botanical Gardens and would spend every moment I could lost in this world within a world. 

I was also in world of my boyfriend at the time, very different from what I wanted in my heart and I was trying very hard to fit into his corporate culture. Love makes you do that at times!
I felt as if I was constantly changing to reform to  these new environments but never making them my own in any way. I was always uncomfortable. 

It was that moment that I saw the fear of Nature in my boyfriend's eyes that I woke up.
Fear makes people very onioned and close minded. 
I was also fearful of living my life completely free and open. I would often conform or try to be what I was not, through fear of rejection. 

To my boyfriend, the only sort of bee was this one: 


Everything else that looked bee-like was a Wasp and he refused to look any deeper. 

Australian Native Bees!!!!! 
There are over 1,500 species of Native Australian bees!! 
Honey Bees & Bumble Bees are introduced bees to this country. 
Native Bees are vital for our Wildflowers. Most of our bees do not live in hives, but alone. Some do create hives, but they are very different from European Bees. The honey is amazing, incredibly therapeutic, but you need to be patient with the production. It can take up to 6 months to see a small jar of honey if at all. The Native ecosystem will thank you for it though. 

Ten of our our bees are also STINGLESS & produce HONEY! How wonderful is that! You can and should keep a hive. It is the one most amazing, fantastic thing you can do for the Environment. Ask you local council or google. You can find loads of information via the links below.

My children's old school had Native Bee Hives, it was so wonderful experience. If you have children, ask your school about the possibility of introducing a hive of stingless native bees. 

A lot of our Native Bees look like flies. 
Trogona carbonaria

Put the spray away. Better still, if you live in Australia, please familiarise yourself with out native insect friends.

                                             Thyreus nitidulus ~ Neon Cuckoo Bee

Crowea ~ Messages from Nature

I had so many people contact me thanking me for my Messages from Nature video last week that I thought I would invite you along again... I think I need to adjust my camera angles... I'm a one woman's not Cheralyn INC here ;) 

I was out hiking amongst the Crowea on North Head in Sydney all weekend (and the last).... I sketched so many in the field.... here is one that keeps coming back to me.... 


I don't Channel a Higher Being... I Listen to Nature.... to the Trees, to the Flowers, to the Leaves... to the Waters, the Seas..... then I share that experience.
The only "Gift" I have is a curious mind, an open heart and a positive outlook.
All things, anyone can enjoy once they focus on them. Perhaps I'm a little more willing to put in the hard work than most and I have no high expectations or grandiose dreams.
I live in reality and happiness.

Look after Nature, be a part of it, work WITH it and you will be rewarded with her blessings and her earth magic. Work with what is already here! 


From these sketches I will go on to create other artworks and expand with
much more research and exploration. 

This is a final Artwork transformed into a card from my upcoming
Rockpool Publishing, September 2014. 

I created lino carved prints that I hand panted in gouache paints. The Guidebook contains Botanical information and the meaning of the each Flower that you can use for Guidance, a deeper connection with Nature and for direction in healing and balance. 

Wildflower_Cards - Samples Cropped 2_Page_07

May Nature provide and Bless you with all that you ever need my friend. xx 

Success is the Best Revenge or IS IT?

I see this comment made over and over and OVER .... 
It always makes me feel uneasy. For the person sharing it.
It is also incredibly unhealthy for those in the Creative fields. 

It's not the word SUCCESS... it's the word REVENGE coupled with it. 

It also points squarely at the fact that you are competing with others on a personality level and that you have put YOU ahead of your Passion, Life Purpose and Path. 

At present it seems to be the banner (and a very popular one) which people fly to let others know that underneath it all they ARE in fact SUCCEEDING.
The fact is, we don't need to be shown or told if that's the case.
Successful people are usually pretty quiet about it. They just get on with it. 

My other very strong feeling and experience is that when declaring that Success is the best Revenge, they are succeeding or seeking to succeed in their opponents LANE. They may be on the same field but they are not running their own race. They are NOT in what is truly their Path, Passion and Purpose because if they where.... REVENGE wouldn't come into it. 

If you seek Revenge, you seek to win over someone who you feel has done you wrong. 
SO your entire Path will change. 
Oh you may still be in the same field, but you will twist and shape yourself and your work and you will monitor those who wish to impress, beat and be victorious over. YOUR WORK WILL CHANGE. 

It will no longer be a Gift that you Share with the World, but a Weapon that you will use to show everyone how Powerful, Great and Amazing you REALLY are. 

You are using Success so you can exact Revenge. 
Since everyone's ideas of Success is vastly different and you REALLY can never be sure what that is, you will be either spreading yourself ultra thin to ensure you hit the mark or you will be completely diverting your energy and focus. Either way, you are off course. Your focus has shifted. 

I have been let down, rejected, hurt, snubbed and MORE by so many entities, institutions and people in my life BUT I have never wanted REVENGE. I have had successes and the moments and the times have made me so happy, content, proud that I haven't cared less what others are noticing or thinking. 

Revenge is a competition that is creatively destructive, let it go. It has no place in your life. 
When someone hurts me or rejects me, sure I'm upset and sure I feel angry, frustrated and sad. But after the fallout I look at what happened and I may in fact learn something about myself. Even if it's that the person or entity has no place in my life, is dreadfully wrong and now I need to heal from the experience and not let that happen again! 
....BUT I may in fact (usually) learn that somewhere between the two experiences, theirs and mine, the truth of the matter lies and I can pick something up there and move forward with it. 

I am inspired by others, yes even those I've had negative experiences with, and I have been big enough to get over the hurts, be honest with myself and work harder, better and with progression in what truly is my Passion. 
Success is the best REWARD. 

Wildflower_Cards - Samples Cropped 2_Page_23

Magazine Article Deadline!

I left this deadline until the 11th hour.... accidentally. 
I do work better under pressure and all that so have been known to do this 'not accidentally' but really this wasn't my intention this week. 
Have you ever had a day, a week, a month, when you just couldn't get the dates to stick in your head? 

So the 15th June (my deadline) has been singing it's little tune in the back of my head for a couple of weeks and I've been lulled into thinking..... "Oh yeah I have PLENTY OF TIME, why June has just begun!"

I could cheat and cut a chunk out of the book I'm writing and just submit that, and to be honest that move is looking really tempting. I could stop blogging and start writing the article but hey, I'm in procrastination zone and I've beautifully convinced myself that this is a warm up exercise. Who can write magazine articles and books until their coffee kicks in anyway? 

mmmmm hang on maybe I should have breakfast first too.... you cant write on an empty stomach.

..... perhaps a run would be good too.... oh it's raining.... 

OK OK OK I'll just start the magazine article! 

It's not that I haven't written one before. I've written many. 
This one, well this one, is really important because it comes out at the same time as my very first mainstream published oracle card deck. This is the first publication directly connected with the work I have dedicated my life to but has, up until now, been passed over.  

So yeah, I'm dragging the chain and not begum because I'm a tad fearful and wantto get it REALLY right. 

Oh everyone has wanted me to write about Art, write about Craft but once I have been there and then started sharing my passion for flowers, for plants the door has been shut. It has been extremely hard to share my work because of mountainous assumptions surrounding the Botanical Modalities are so strong. 

So now that the door has been unlocked and a Publisher has understood the my work isn't about Flower Essences but from the SOURCE... the Language of NATURE and has embraced my work, I have my chance to share what I am so passionate about a little more widely. 

I have scribbled notes of such amazing facts and moments of sheer brilliance (so I told myself at 11pm last night)..... but you know I think I will just have a little chat with the readers. It's a cold rainy day, I feel like sitting by the fire with a friend and talking of things we both love......



Cyclamen ~ Messages from Nature

Today's Flower/Plant is: Cyclamen


I thought I would invite you on to my drawing board to see what I do each morning when I am creating these. I usually work on slips of recycled paper and then paste these into my journal. 


Flowers and Leaves bounce around my table as we dance together creating an Energetic sketch....|


You are free to download, save and share my little Messages from Nature Postcards
they all live over at my website under the DOWNLOADS tab:


Messages From Nature Sharing Postcards

While I research, explore and learn about Nature,
I keep a journal and here I sketch, I write and I keep my notes....


From these wanderings and insights  ​I've created these little cards for you to keep,
to share online and in person
I add to my Free Resource page a few times a week so you can
  ALWAYS find them here: 


​please note: these are protected under ©Cheralyn Darcey 2014
​ and are my original artwork and work and they MUST NOT be changed in anyway.
They are for personal use and social media sharing only

Here is a little selection..... 




Happiest Blessings,
May Nature Guide & Provide! 

Love, Cheralyn xx