Journaling the Journey ~ Native American Kaisinas, Flowers & Mexican Doors!
ARTWORK CREATION ~ Australian Wildflower Reading Cards

Brilliant Wildflowers / Black Gesso Exploration!

When my Australian Wildflower Reading Cards come out
in September with Rockpool Publishing ... the Artwork from the Deck will be available too! 

Because it's LINO PRINT that I hand carve, hand print and hand paint...
you can ALWAYS have an traditional fine art ORIGINAL Artwork VERY similar to the Deck image.

This was a huge reason I decided to work in lino and wood block print because
I wanted to make Art accessible to more people, especially Art that had been created to produce an Oracle Reading Deck. 

Some people say I'm crazy to work this way because of the time involved,
BUT I think the longer term benefits of being able to be a part of each step of the creation of the Artwork has enabled me to completely immerse myself totally in each Card as it is created.
Then to be able to share with you that actual carved plate and paint an image for each of you, is something I couldn't pass up once I dedicated myself to work. 

LOL... I have the most tattered hands after now being well over 1/2 of the way through three more Decks but I have a Soul full of so much Nature Wisdom and understanding. 

SO... I have been busy creating these Artworks for all of you on papers and on canvases... here's a sneak peek at a variation I was working on today on my deep edge canvases! They have a black gesso painted 'background'. 
These are Flannel Flower ~ Calm and Blue Gum Flower ~ Healing from the Deck. 

Hope your weekend is going well too! xxxxxxxxx