Plant Spirit Vessel Seguros

These are beautiful small sacred bottles,
which connect to the spirit of the
flower and plant through the materials they contain.


A Serguro is a powerful ally who you can turn to for advice, healing assistance and guidance. Each holds within sacred waters, oils and essences and treasured gifts from plants.
Occasionally they may contain crystals and other natural items of power. 

To use a Serguro, you  keep on an Altar or shelf that is dedicated just to the keeping 
of such a sacred object in your home.


They are tools of great power but also to be thought of as a very close friend. 

When you have a problem or are seeking a better understanding over a situation, you take your Seguro that you consider most appropriate to assist you into your hands, hold it against your heart and speakl with it, as if you are speaking with a friend, discussing your situation, asking for advice. 
The Seguro will listen to you and absorb the energy you are giving out surrounding this issue and transform it. With practice and developed intuition, listening carefully, you will begin to hear your Seguro reveal answers for you as well to expedite solutions to your issues. 
These bottles are never to be opened.
They are clear and smooth sided to ensure freedom for the Plant Spirit. 

I list a selection of Seguro Vessels and Seguro Talismans in my Online store
each week and am happy to create a Bespoke one for you

 at this Etsy Shop Link:

*I completely and lovingly create everything I sell myself,
I do not outsource any of the creation of any stage of any item. 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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