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My WildEarth Diary.....

Dailybottle2 copy

I have been asked for a long time now if I ever sell my drawings.
For a while I've been trying to work out how I could do this,
keep it reasonable and still keep it in line with my work.
I don't ever want to create anything just for the sake of it. 
SO while your requests are very lovely,
I have dedicated work to do right now with writing my books
and creating my oracle reading decks that is 100% in line with my
Passions and Life Path and the work I produce in my
Journals each day is what I'm focused on. 
Along with what is happening with my writings and artworks,
I sketch and draw.... SO each day I will create a special drawing
that is in line with the day's work. This is an original, signed drawing,
NOT A PRINT and will be framed. Small, desk sized,
though can be hung on the wall too. 
The average size of the overall framed work is 20cm x 15cm
with the drawing within about 9cm x 6cm.
The price is $35 and this includes the mat and frame. 
These are incredibly special and I am thrilled to now
send them out into the world to those who are themselves
drawn to the energies I may be working with. 
I will list one each day at 7am in my online store....
this is today's sketch...


'Bottlebrush" Callistemon citrinus
Cleansing, Clearing, Inner Focus, Ability to Cope, Incubating Ideas,
Pregnancy Support, Mother-Child Bonding. 

If you would like it.... just pop along to my online store at this link:







Plant Spirit Vessel Seguros

These are beautiful small sacred bottles,
which connect to the spirit of the
flower and plant through the materials they contain.


A Serguro is a powerful ally who you can turn to for advice, healing assistance and guidance. Each holds within sacred waters, oils and essences and treasured gifts from plants.
Occasionally they may contain crystals and other natural items of power. 

To use a Serguro, you  keep on an Altar or shelf that is dedicated just to the keeping 
of such a sacred object in your home.


They are tools of great power but also to be thought of as a very close friend. 

When you have a problem or are seeking a better understanding over a situation, you take your Seguro that you consider most appropriate to assist you into your hands, hold it against your heart and speakl with it, as if you are speaking with a friend, discussing your situation, asking for advice. 
The Seguro will listen to you and absorb the energy you are giving out surrounding this issue and transform it. With practice and developed intuition, listening carefully, you will begin to hear your Seguro reveal answers for you as well to expedite solutions to your issues. 
These bottles are never to be opened.
They are clear and smooth sided to ensure freedom for the Plant Spirit. 

I list a selection of Seguro Vessels and Seguro Talismans in my Online store
each week and am happy to create a Bespoke one for you

 at this Etsy Shop Link:

*I completely and lovingly create everything I sell myself,
I do not outsource any of the creation of any stage of any item. 


I have had a terrible past two weeks with a pinched nerve in my upper back. 
The workload (all amazing opportunities!!) has increased so very much for me and long hours spent doing something I don;t usually do a lot of these days, drawing, along with writing, researching, painting and carving brought it on. 

Solution? A drafting table!! 

First Job.... Texas Bluebonnets Sketch......

Drafting table

PODCAST ~ Flower Mandalas

Thank you so much to everyone who has been joining me at
my podcastsover the past few months.

I have moved my Podcasts to fortnightly, every second Tuesday evening. 
The content that I share takes me at least a day to prepare
and at present I am incredibly busy writing and creating the artwork for my next deck.
If you subscribe to my Newsletter below or check in at my Website

You can keep informed of upcoming Podcasts. 
All old Podcasts live on my website too!


Creating a Flower Mandala

(read through and decide on what you would like to use)

an area inside or out
cleansing mists or smudging materials
something as a centerpiece
additional items ~ feathers, crystals, leaves, rocks, seashells, anything!
a journal & pen
a camera ~ you may like to take photos as you go along or at the end
if you are outside on grass/earth ~ sticks or skewers
string & blue tac
a protractor
a ruler 
if you are inside ~ perhaps a lovely cloth 

I will find an area and cleanse it by smudging with smoke or flower essence mists. 
Then I will have all the things I have gathered to create the mandala handy.
I will sit and mediate, relax and perhaps play some music, do some drumming or even sketch and write as I settle into the work I am about to do. 
Sometimes I will have a definite purpose. I may be looking for insight into an issue, I may wish to settle my mind, body or heart. I may just wish to create a mandala as an open exercise with no intention but to see what will come. I do find it handy to keep a journal close just in case I want to keep notes. I often don't as I just get lost in the process of creation. 


Then I will set a centre. 
The Centre of a Mandala sets the intention and the focus.
In my images here, I have a blue glass bowl of rainwater. 
Some other things you could focus on as a center could be  a special flower, a seashell, a crystal, an image, a birds next, a rock, a plant and whatever your heart can dream up! 

you can either do this organically as you go OR you can work out a pattern
by using sticks, bluetac and string. 
decide on a size... I've gone for a 44cm diameter in mine. 
Measure a cross from the center of your centerpiece, 22cm each 'arm'
Use a protractor to ensure this angle is correct. 
THEN, using the protractor, set the other angles of the sticks. 
Make sure you push them into the earth well. 

Set a blob of bluetac at the same height on each stick

Start winding your string around your sticks in patterns. 

Lay your petals and mandala items along the lines on the ground, in the spaces that that the string creation makes and so on. 

all you need to do is start at the middle and lay your petals and your items in an ever expanding radiating pattern from your center. EASY! :) 

This is the start of an incredibly simple flower mandala outdoors. 

You can layer and work as deep and as large as you like... 




Just ENJOY.... think of nothing else but the patterns, the colours, the forms. Immerse yourself in the smallest part of each tiny thing. What do the petals feel like, how many edges does each have, notice the difference, however tiny in each fragment of this whole. When you are complete take notice of the whole. The relationships between each part.
The new patterns and relationships that you didn't notice as you where creating. 

Some of my greatest moments of revelation and connection have occurred during mandala creation. I also adore doing this with partners, friends and groups. It ca be a wonderful practice if you are working with a group as you each bring something into the all of the magic circle. 
Your Mandala contains: ~Flowers Within Flowers~
as in life, the smallest part contributes to the whole. 

Places to find Pre ~Made Patterns to play with and to Inspire! 
*Google "Mandala Patterns" 


To learn MUCH more about Mandalas,
the meanings of sacred patterns and history: 

I ADORE this book and have worked through MANY of the exercises within it. 
Very worthwhile if you can track it down. I HIGHLY recommend 

This next book is a simply beautiful study, with so many very deep ideas to explore in connection with Mandalas and nature in particular. Love it, beautiful book to hold and explore as well as learn from. 


Buddhist Art & Mandalas 

this link:

BBC Resource and Lectures
Buddhism ~ Sacred Mandala 


BBC Mandala 

ART & Craft to Inspire

Here are a few links to EXPLORE!

Kathy Klein ~
photography of flower and petal mandalas

Mind Flowers ~
Flower inspired hand drawn mandalas and meditation music

For  the crafty! 
Flower Mandala Friendship Bracelet

click on the image to be taken to a full size to save and print





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