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I have been asked for a long time now if I ever sell my drawings.
For a while I've been trying to work out how I could do this,
keep it reasonable and still keep it in line with my work.
I don't ever want to create anything just for the sake of it. 
SO while your requests are very lovely,
I have dedicated work to do right now with writing my books
and creating my oracle reading decks that is 100% in line with my
Passions and Life Path and the work I produce in my
Journals each day is what I'm focused on. 
Along with what is happening with my writings and artworks,
I sketch and draw.... SO each day I will create a special drawing
that is in line with the day's work. This is an original, signed drawing,
NOT A PRINT and will be framed. Small, desk sized,
though can be hung on the wall too. 
The average size of the overall framed work is 20cm x 15cm
with the drawing within about 9cm x 6cm.
The price is $35 and this includes the mat and frame. 
These are incredibly special and I am thrilled to now
send them out into the world to those who are themselves
drawn to the energies I may be working with. 
I will list one each day at 7am in my online store....
this is today's sketch...


'Bottlebrush" Callistemon citrinus
Cleansing, Clearing, Inner Focus, Ability to Cope, Incubating Ideas,
Pregnancy Support, Mother-Child Bonding. 

If you would like it.... just pop along to my online store at this link:







bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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