Tawny Morning

LOOK who I saw this morning!!!! 
SO he made it into my Morning Coffee Sketch..... 
Tawny Frogmouth....
Secret Keeper! 
Well that is true for me today... how about YOU? 
I am also connecting with a lot of heritage wisdom at present so it makes sense.
I feel Tawny is saying.... "Look for what you hold deep within"
Sometimes I feel like it's on the tip of my tongue, my thoughts are JUST
about to put it together.
A knowing but not just yet realised. 


"Tawny Morning"
pencil, ink on paper

Cheralyn Darcey 2014 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Wolf Listening

Mar 27
For my daughter Punki ( Maddison ), her Animal Guide. OK now if I don't get back to carving wood blocks and Painting Flowers and WRITING, I'll hear whips cracking. "Wolf Listening" Cheralyn Darcey 2014 pencil & ink on paper
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30Journeys ~ Waratah DAY NINE

Mar 29
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