Fox Kinda Day

I dreamt of Fox last night and jumped up to quickly sketch just now for YOU... and me !

Love & energy of FOX to YOU all today! 


Wisdom, luck, energy to deal with people who trouble you,
ability to see clever ideas to seemingly insurmountable problems,
breakthroughs, long life, longevity of plans. 

Have a Blessed Day of Foxy Energy my Friends..... xxxxxxxxx

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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30Journeys ~ Waratah DAY SIX

Mar 16
Well I did say yesterday... I've created Artworks with Waratahs as the subject so many times that I could draw them without looking! SO...... "Waratah Without Looking" red felt tip on paper To Join in:
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Kangaroo Request!

Mar 24
Kangaroo Energy: end of worry, time to take responsibility, family connections, do the right thing, balance. And anyone else wanting a little Kangaroo bouncy in their day!.... Blessings to YOU! xxxxxxxxx