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Dog Rose ~ Courage to Walk Your Path

I embrace all on the same Path. 
Some have built Castles along the way, others Tree Houses and beautiful log cabins and still others are Gypsies still wandering.

I do not agree with all of my fellow travellers, those I nod to and still share my Path because travellers change as their journey develops and who knows which of us may do so. 
Some I am in awe of and have great respect for and am inspired by.
Still others, I am welcoming along and lending a helping hand by sharing the insight that I have gained. I am joyful for the company. 

What I have learned & live by.....
I do not use the warmth & the light, the fire of knowledge and experience that the illumination has given me to burn others or try to show up imperfections and stumbles in order to boost my own ego & to appear to shine brighter. 
I use it as a Guide for myself and for others. 

When your emotions bring you to express anger, ridicule and other negative responses to another on your Path, look within. 
The answers are right there. 
It is either fear & insecurity surrounding your own work or the illumination of the reflection of similar qualities within yourself that you do not like and wish never to be noticed by your fellow travellers. 

If others on your Path are truly dangerous and there needs to be public knowledge in order to stop this harm being being done, then bring this about in consultation openly, respectfully and with honour.

You will meet many on your chosen Path. 
Be the Traveller you would want to Walk with. 


A Flower to support you on your Path..............