3oJourneys ~ One Waratah 30 Ways DAY TWO


a quick quick sketch with a good ole HB pencil on scrap of paper without peeking
at a waratah picture or reference.

I also STOPPED myself from grabbing the eraser, being too perfect or adding other mediums (I'm a mixed media addict so THAt was hard!) 
I found that I was really concentrating on the roundness of the Waratah.
I could almost feel the texture of those glossy fingers reaching up and curving round. xx


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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30Journeys ~ one waratah, thirty ways ~ DAY ONE

Mar 10
Love love love those who have taken this challenge up! I am committing to ONE WARATAH THIRTY WAYS THIRTY DAYS Ok I kinda played it safe today! I am in the middle of illustrating a product (sort of a book)...
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3oJourneys ~ One Waratah 30 Ways DAY THREE

Mar 12
This morning I was creating a bath blend to use tonight with some Himalayan Crystal Salt. The light and sparkel reminded me of the shine on the Waratah... so.......... MEDIUM: Himalayan Crystal Salt and my finger!