3oJourneys ~ One Waratah 30 Ways DAY THREE
30Journeys ~ one waratah, thirty ways ~ DAY FIVE

30Journeys ~ one waratah, thirty ways ~ DAY FOUR


lol Big day but I'm committed! 

Grabbing what was HANDY... a scrap of black paper and an inktense pencil and a white gel pen.....
I felt really connected with the dark of the Waratah, the inside, I know that in all the many paintings I have created, some as large as meters across.... the dark cool dark black of her peeking out between her fingers holds much to explore. 

With the Power of the Waratah comes that which we may miss-use.....

My quick busy mind SLOWED right down as I remembered all this and more and yes I am writing as I go and I will hold all this until the end of THIS 30Journey.