PODCAST ~ Flower Chakra Meditation

Wildflower Nicho Talismans

Over the years I have created Talismans in the form of necklaces and pendants out of many different materials. A lot of my work has involved reclaimed jewellery that I have remodeled and blended with crystals and newer elements to create something unique. 

The year before last I created about 20 Talismans carved from wooden branches. Tiny little branch Nichos filled with crystal clear resin is which floated a Daisy. Those first precious Talismans had me started on more experimentation, more dreaming and so much more creating! 

I've been collecting and drying Flowers & Botanicals in an incredibly gentle and unique way.
Some I have grown, some I have found. All ready for the moment when I add them to their watery hand carved Nicho in a branch I found within the Garigal Forest. 


I have worked out the angle and width for each Talisman so that the very best usage can be made without any waste in order to honour this tree. I use a hand saw and yes it is hard work as the branch is incredibly hard but I can not get the right feel for what I am doing any other way......


Next I carve out the Nicho (this is the Mexican term for a niche, a hole or space, usually in a wall that you display something within and usually something Spiritual) 
The process of hollowing out each slice of the branch takes about an hour. Each layer gives way in this hard wood and the eventual shape and depth reveals itself. Then I sand and smooth the interior......


The outside is sanded & finished so that the remaining bark will remain intact and the beauty of the wood will shine through.

Then the precious flower is floated within a watery Nicho pond........

Each is dedicated to the Goddess Flora and each brings Unique Flower Energetic Qualities.
Not all Flowers are available at all times, some you may have to wait up to a year to see again.
Flowers available in March include:

Fairy Fan Flowers 
Mexican Daisies
Gum Blossom 

Due to the finishing, they can be posted to you anywhere in the World. 

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Happiest Blessings, 
Cheralyn xx