PODCAST ~ Flower Chakra Meditation
PODCAST ~ 23rd Feb 2014 ~ Talismans & Amulets

Sweet Pea Multi & Yellow Violet

I was Wildflower Garden Companion Planting this morning! 

Multi Coloured Mix Sweet Pea and Yellow Violets together.... WHY?
This combination will work together to raise positive energy and balance when working with groups of people, particularly when teaching or sharing ideas. 

Sweet Pea, especially a multi mix that you are unsure of resultant colours when planting, connects with newer groups, situations and communities. 
A sense of your own place and worth within a group. 
Yellow Violet is attuned with self expression connected with personal identity, yes things you are deeply passionate about. Courage and self confidence to share your knowledge and creativity.

Great for teachers, writers & artists who are working with new projects this year.