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PODCAST ~ 23rd Feb 2014 ~ Talismans & Amulets



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My thoughts on Talisman Creation by Cheralyn

While an Amulet represents a 'thing' and is presumed to hold it's energy just by being, a talisman is a created magickal tool. It is created for a specific purpose, to be used at a certain time for a determined outcome.  A Talisman anchors energy, magic and intent. 
The best description I can give one "A Living Spell"

Every culture, every people on our Earth have created Talismans. Created for many purposes including healing, protection, success and born from  as many beliefs and religions as there are people. The word itself derives from the Greek teleo meaning to bring into effect, to accomplish.  
So when we create a talisman it is very important to do so with intent.

An intention for the talisman is decided or found through a form of guidance, exercise or guidance. 
It is made in a magical environment with intention.
The talisman is consecrated through ritual.
All of these steps can be as simple or as deep as you wish. 
Another factor I adore working with is earth and planetary factors.
Creating talismans in line with lunar phases, planetary events, seasons and other timings.

Talismans have been made out of anything and everything, I work with found treasures and natural objects, prefering to reuse, recycle and to use natural things.... gifts of tress, flowers and plant and in doing so I feel we breath new life into that which is already here.
I love the feeling of rebirth and re-purpose along with the obvious recycling message. 

At present I have no Talismans available the next selection will be available on March 6th 2014
at THIS link: https://www.facebook.com/events/643071222396175/

 This is a little of the Journey of my current Talismans.........

Wildflower Nicho Talismans created by Cheralyn

Over the years I have created Talismans in the form of necklaces and pendants out of many different materials. A lot of my work has involved reclaimed jewellery that I have remodeled and blended with crystals and newer elements to create something unique. 

The year before last I created about 20 Talismans carved from wooden branches. Tiny little branch Nichos filled with crystal clear resin is which floated a Daisy. Those first precious Talismans had me started on more experimentation, more dreaming and so much more creating! 

I've been collecting and drying Flowers & Botanicals in an incredibly gentle and unique way.
Some I have grown, some I have found. All ready for the moment when I add them to their watery hand carved Nicho in a branch I found within the Garigal Forest. 


I have worked out the angle and width for each Talisman so that the very best usage can be made without any waste in order to honour this tree. I use a hand saw and yes it is hard work as the branch is incredibly hard but I can not get the right feel for what I am doing any other way......


Next I carve out the Nicho (this is the Mexican term for a niche, a hole or space, usually in a wall that you display something within and usually something Spiritual) 
The process of hollowing out each slice of the branch takes about an hour. Each layer gives way in this hard wood and the eventual shape and depth reveals itself. Then I sand and smooth the interior......


The outside is sanded & finished so that the remaining bark will remain intact and the beauty of the wood will shine through.

Then the precious flower is floated within a watery Nicho pond........

Each is dedicated to the Goddess Flora and each brings Unique Flower Energetic Qualities.
Not all Flowers are available at all times, some you may have to wait up to a year to see again.
Flowers available in March include:

Fairy Fan Flowers 
Mexican Daisies
Gum Blossom 

Due to the finishing, they can be posted to you anywhere in the World. 

If you would like to be informed of the time and day that these are ready and on sale....


NOW!.......Please Warmly Welcome my Special Guest 

Natasha Heard of Blessed Branches
sharing with us her Practice of creating Talismans and the energetic quaities of the Trees.........


Natasha Heard can be found on Facebook at: 
Blessed Branches Facebook Page
*The chat transcript mentioned in the video  is now at the end of  this PODCAST 



IF you are Creating Talismans... this may be of use to you. 
It is VERY basic and starting point. 
Can also be used to align your energies and intentions for purchased Talismans with YOU! 


my altar at home during a recent consecration ritual

A Journal of any sort that you use for magical purposes IS a tool and as such must be consecrated. 
This sets the intention of the tool and embodies it with power. 
I will start using the description  Journal for simplicity, but it will mean Grimoire, Spell Book, Book of Shadows, Diary or whatever you are creating. 

So how do you Consecrate something!?

It's a scary sounding word but it's really a joyous beginning to setting your journal into being. 
There are many variations on this nd I will share my method. 

(tool= any object used for magic, including you journal. Only consecrate one tool in a ritual to focus all your energy and intentions on it and it's purpose)
I begin by cleansing and instilling the elemental power within  the tool by burying it in the earth, setting it high in the air, taking it to the sea, heating it/passing it through or leaving it in bright sunlight or a combination of any. 
I may leave the tool in one of those places during a particular moon phases/time for a while. 
At the actual ritual of consecration which I do before my altar at home or on a bush altar I use a spell blend or herbs I've created,  read a piece or chant that re enforces my intentions for the tool. 

It is far better to choose a time that can assist you with the energy that you are seeking to bring into your tool. Moon phases are a traditional time we use in Witchcraft, but so are times of the day, days of the week and seasons and times of year according to tradition. At present there are lots of energies about. The New Moon for one. It's in Aquarius, so GREAT time for new Creative Ventures! (you clever people joining me NOW!)  :)
It's Chinese New Year (The Water Dragon) and with the Pagan Sabbaths we are coming up to Lammas (harvest time)  in the Southern Hemisphere. In the North, Imbolc (Spring!) 


Research the meanings of the phases of the moon, seasonal Sabbaths , the traditional meanings and energies of these and of other correspondences according to times. (astrology, times of day, days of the week) Collect your findings and write them down. 
A good Moon Diary/Almanac is wonderful resource. Ensure it is for your Hemisphere. YES I do like Stacey Demrcos Moon Diary! 
There you go, your FIRST entry for your Book of Shadows! 

Example of a Simple Consecration Ritual:
Clear the Space with Cleansing Mist or Smudging with Smoke.
Focus on creating a magical space while clearing out ny unwanted energies. 

Set up your altar. Candles, tools, representations of the time/season and of any deities you work with or those you wish to work with for the purposes of this tool. 
A simple table or flat surface is all you need. Outside is wonderful if you can manage it. 

Place your tool upon your altar. 

Light your charcoal and burn herb spell mix.

Visualization to raise Energy.
I draw mine from the ground by visualizing myself as a tree, spreading my roots into the ground the heart of Mother Earth. I then raise the energy to use.

I focus strongly on the tool, it's intended purpose, it's eventual owner and I lift it and feel he energy I raised going into the tool. I focus strongly on all he intentions I have it.

I will then recite/read the ritual I wrote.
This will include asking Mother Earth/the Universe/ Deities to assist me.
I will describe the tool, the intentions and the person who will be it's owner. 
All the time FOCUSING

I will finish off by giving thanks to all energies I've invoked.
Sending back the energy to Mother Earth, the come back to now but making noise... bells, clapping, singing. 

I will put out my main large Altar candles, but the small ones I like to leave one to burn right down (supervised) and the other I put out and give to the owner of the tool so they can keep the flame of consecration to relight when they align with the tool and as a magic booster later on. The flame can be 'kept' by lighting a new candle with the old one.


Just a few BOOKS that you MAY be interested in...

You may find these editions at your local bookstore too!
I do realise some are out of print but perhaps an ebay or second hand book store search may help. 

The Complete Book of Amulets & Talismans 


Amulets & Talismans for Beginners


Amulets and Talismans: Simple Techniques for Creating Meaningful Jewelry


Amulets and Superstitions


Amulets: Sacred Charms of Power and Protection


Talismans & Evocations of the Golden Dawn 







Making Talismans: Creating living magical tools for change and transformation


The Complete Magician's Tables



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*The chat transcript INCLUDING Flower Readings
from the live Podcast is HERE: 

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Cheralyn xx 

*The chat transcript  
INCLUDING the Flower Readings
from the live Podcast is HERE: 


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