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How to Create Your OWN Flower Essence

You can most certainly purchase a great array of Flower Essences, but what if you want to create them yourself? 

There is an incredible energy which is contained, not only in each species but in each individual plant and bloom and it is this which contributes to the energetic make up of essences. You may have a plant or bloom that you are very drawn to and though it's life cycle will end, it's energy may be shared forever if you create an essence. 

I would STRONGLY advise you take a course in Flower Essence Study or Flower Reading  if you wish to create essences because although the actual technicalities are relatively simple, there is much to learn about the Vibrational Energy modality that Flower Essences belong to. 

To create an Essence correctly, to learn how to combine any existing belief or practice you may have, to properly prescribe and to research you own blends, are all subjects covered in a good course. 

There are many in person courses at various Holistic Colleges if you look in your area. 
I have an extensive Flower Reading Course in person and online: 
Current availablity is here: FLOWER READING CERTIFICATION

*this is ONE base method, it is probably the most popular. Many other layers can also be added to the creation of an essence, lunar timings, spiritual practice and so on. These will be covered in any good course. 

I Often Create My WildFlower Essences right here

A clear glass bowl
The purest water you can obtain 
Unbleachec coffee filter papers or unbleached sterile clean cheescloth
A tinted glass bottle to store your Stock Essence
small glass dropper bottles to store your Dosage Essence
a preservative: either fruit based brandy OR vegetable glycerin 

All glass bottles and the bowl must ONLY ever be used for Essence creation. 
Between use they must be cleaned and sterilized to remove all trace of former essences. 

NEVER use flowers that have been sprayed with pesticides. 

Place your water in glass bowl on the ground in the sunlight. 
Pick your flower using a couple of sticks you have found nearby as tweezers.
You must not touch the flower with your hand. 
Place the flower in the water and leave for at least three hours in the sunlight. 
Fill you stock bottle with 1/4 fruit brandy or 1/2 glycerin. 
Top off with the water from your glass bowl, using a coffee filter or cheesecloth to filter.
This will be your stock. 
Return your flower with thanks to the Earth.
To make up dose bottle, fill each bottle with 1/4 brandy or glycerin and top with your Stock essence. 

You must ensure that you keep an Essence Journal with all the details of your creations and that you label all bottles. Store Stock and Dose Bottles in a cool dark place.

There are many different ways to take Flower Essences and there is a lot to understand in how they work, how to start and to stop taking them and so again, I would refer you to a good course to learn all of these. 
The basic method is 4 drops under the tongue 4 times a day. 

Wild & Happy Flower Blessings,
Cheralyn xx