The Year of The Horse ~ Flowers??

Is there a flower for this Chinese Year, the Year of the Horse? 


Well the answer is that there is a Flower for everything as they are everywhere and it all comes down to energetic alignment. 

Flowers, any flowers, play a very important role in New Years Celebrations as they clear the air of the old year ready for the new!  It is traditional to purchase flowers to decorate every space imaginable to let the flowers do their 'work". 

If want to ensure added luck and alignment with Wood Horse energy for the coming year, then use the following flowers in vibrational essences, aromatherapy, meditations, spellcrafting and spiritual artworks and whatever other modality that you use vibrational energy in. 

The strongest connected flower for this particular Year, The Wood Horse?


Those born in the Year of the Horse ~ 
this is your Chinese Year Birth Flower. 

Jasmine will also be of much assistance to anyone also who finds this year particularly challenging. 
Jasmine will also traditionally bring luck to everyone during the Year of the Horse. 

How can you bring the energy of jasmine into your world? 
Surround yourself with fresh flowers, use its scent in candles, mists and oils, drink jasmine tea, use jasmine flower essence, create or find art or craft with jasmine flower images and place in your space.

assistance in eliminating what we no longer need & absorbing what we do, rest & recharging, overcome fears 


~ other flowers with a connection to the Year of the Horse are.... 

cleansing, vitality, healing, clearing negative energy from past, happiness


calla lily
lower chakra balance, connection between earth & creativity, our male & female selves aligned

Calla lily

giant taro 
reconnection with the elements and the earths magnetic fields, meditation support, spirit & nature workings

Giant taro

Happiest Blessings! 
Cheralyn xx 

*ALWAYS use plant matter from a known and professionally verified source and do not consume or use without the proper guidance from a professional. 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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