PODCAST ~ Flowers & Faeries & a Visit To Mermaids Garden!

Gypsy Gardening

In my Garden this Morning! 

Last week I talked about my beautiful Dwarf Sunflowers. 
There is one I just adore so much and he bobs towards me
when I'm lying on the grass writing and reading. Here he is! 
Definitely not one to pick  

As many of you know, due to my husband's work,
I don't live in my own home.
Like many of you, I can't have an established garden... YET.
This new place, well it's been a real challenge. 
Really poor rocky soil and just, well tiny! 
But reminded of my Grandmother, she used to say: why
be SO amazed at the chef who has a bottomless purse and unlimited
access to ingredients and tools?
What I do is make the very best of what I do have.
I create little worlds in pots, rejoice in the happiness of annuals
and I think outside the box. 

I also very much realise that I don't own NATURE! 
What I am enjoying TODAY was planted by someone else who lived in this house
so I am happy to add my little bit of Gypsy Gardening to pass 
the Nature Loving along. 

OH! What I AM blessed with here is the natural bushland,
unspoilt all around me. Wonderful hiking trails, straight across the street
and Nature filled with my beloved Wildflowers and for THAT, I am so thankful. 

You can't always get what you want and YES, I dream of Gardens
past that I have had and plan Gardens future that I know I will have
as I stand in my funny little block that many have called home and
I'm happy to have it at all. I'm surprised and thankful for bulbs that
previous people have left behind poking up through the year, delighted
by what I'm making work here! 

Many of you tell me you too don't have an amazing garden,
that you live in an apartment, have a concrete block in the middle
of the city and so on. OR that you are sick, mobility restricted or resource limited.
Don't you ever be put off or think your Garden, your connection with
Nature is not somehow 'good' enough or magical. Nature does not work like that,
she rejoices in EXACTLY the same quality and quantity of love and understanding,
healing and magick in a single geranium in a pot as she does in a hand sculpted
rolling botanical garden in a wealthily suburb. 

Nature loves you! 
What is growing TODAY in at/near YOUR place? 
I would ADORE seeing it...... 

A blessing for you to Bloom Where You are Planted!