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How to Create Your OWN Flower Essence

Birds & Flowers


There is A LOT of work going on in the Magick Workshop for my upcoming 
Publications but I can't share all of them at present or even their subjects, 
But you do know there will be FLOWERS!
Lots of other Nature Inspired Goodness too. 
My artwork is created by hand. I don't use computers of photos. 
I sketch what I see, I carve by hand on reclaimed wood and lino, 
I don't have a printing press, I print the old fashioned way, with rice barren, my hands, water based eco friendly inks and NATURALLY recycled papers. 
THEN I hand paint each image, with a brush and paints. 

I suppose this hints on works that are to be very important towards the end of the year... 
it's fresh and it means a lot TODAY so I thought I would share....
unpainted as yet....


"Rainbow Lorikeets & Bottle Brush" 297 x 210mm
Cheralyn Darcey 2014  woodblock print on recycled paper

ALL of my artworks are created with deep spiritual intention. 
I know what I'm doing when I create. Something has happened in order for me to create 
it and as I sketch, carve, print and paint, I write. I write A LOT.
Messages come through with each line, with each brush stroke. 
These writings then form an Oracle Guide and more. 
They lead me to the next artwork on my journey. 

The Energy this Artwork Represents: 
cleansing of old patterns, new communication skills, ability to see all viewpoints, stability and clear understandings within relationships.

I'm off to paint in all the colours of the Rainbow.....