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Wildflower Magick ~ Creating Bark Rubbing Magickal Papers

I'm off again for a day of filming Wildflower & Plant Magick, ready for writing, art and other beautiful things to share with you in the future! 
A big part of today will be spending time in a place I meditate in a lot and I connect with Flora, with the Lady of Flowers and with my inner voice. I go here to connect and to enter a world that is very much a place of 'home'. We all have a place we feel is truly home and I am blessed that this place is where I live, well very close to it. Though I've travel and do travel a lot, here I find everything I need for my work and for my soul.

A Wildflower Magickal Find 
While here, in my heart's home, one day, I found this tree and from it I produced something incredibly magickal and wonderful that I want to share with you today. 
Bark Rubbings.
I was not thinking I would do this at the time for any reason, it just came to me and yes, it's nothing new, in fact I am sure we have all done this in our childhood.
BUT, on returning home, something very beautiful and wondrous happened. I began using the bark rubbings in my journals as a foundation for the work I was doing, writing the guidebooks and other works associated with my Wildflower research and the work flowed. I began feeling, connecting deeper and feeling so much more attuned with what I was doing. 
The magick of the trees I felt empowered the writings of my wildflower work. 
I have used these rubbings for all sorts of writings, not just wildflowers and each time, the voice and the wisdom of the earth strengthens and guides my hand. 

This is a short clip with my favourite tree and after I filmed this, I began doing rubbings of his bark.  


Come share with me and try it too! ........

you will need
paper... experiment with different thicknesses, textures and yes even patterned. I use recycled papers and bamboos as well as cast offs from friends. 
graphite (lead) pencils... again experiment! ... you could use crayon and charcoal but they are a bit difficult to write over later. 

to create
Say HELLO to the tree!
I ask the tree if it's ok to produce a rubbing and when I feel it's right, I then place the paper on it's bark. 
Gently rub your medium (crayon, charcoal etc) over the paper with a light even pressure to produce you rubbing. 
Thank your tree! 

You will produce various effects using different materials and pressures, play, have fun. There really is no right or wrong way in this. 
I would only suggest that pencil is best and a light pressure  if you are going to then write over it later. 

You can use these Rubbings as Journal Pages, to write Spells and Blessings on, to use in Vision Boards, as Talisman bases and for anything else I am sure you can dream up....

I would LOVE to see your Magick too and your Magical Plant Rubbings... 
join me at my Facebook page at this link and post any time: 


Blessings on finding YOUR Wildflower Magick! xx 

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