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PODCAST ~ Wildflower Chakra Meditation The Heart, The Rose

Welcome my Wildflower Friend.... 
Play the video, then read on 


To Prepare:

set out the following
*A Rose or it's Image
*rose scented incense or oils 
*candle preferably pink or white
* a piece of rose quartz
*a note book/journal and pen

light your candle or incense in a safe place
dim the light
turn off your phone and any distractions
and relax
play the meditation track below

After you may like to spend some time writing, drawing or recording 
you experience. 


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The Rose The Heart with Cheralyn

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If you asked me when I began meditation, I could not tell you exactly. 
Really I do not think many of us could. 
The state that meditation is, mind restful state can occur through chance as much as through practice. 
As a child, being read a bedtime story as you nod off to sleep, relaxed, weaving yourself into
the plot is a form of meditation. Many times you would of awoken, happier, empowered with new possibilities from the suggestions in the story that where induced by the calming voice that relaxed you and guided you. 

I am often asked, what is meditation and listened to laments that people 'can't' do it. 

Meditation is simply the quieting of  the mind to focus on something else. 
You can meditate on nothing. This is the form that various religious orders employ and it is very beneficial as a healing and spiritual method though extremely hard for most people. 
Try it right now. Close you eyes and think of...... nothing. 

Yes it can be done and usually takes years of dedicated practice. 

The most familiar form is GUIDED MEDITATION. 
Someone leads the meditation by the telling a calming and healing 'story'. 
The narration will begin with the meditation leader guiding the listeners to relax and 
then they will paint a scene which will include suggestions to induce a change that is beneficial. 

What should you experience? 
Everyone hs a different experience, there is no right or wrong way. 
I have been to meditations circles and listened to others talk of how much the 'saw' with great detail afterwards and just as many whisper in frustration that they didn't SEE anything. Actually 'seeing' things with your eyes closed is a different experience for each person. I can tell you that I see but its not as if a flat screen tv rolls down behind my eyelids and projects a HD movie. 

I think for most people its pretty intangible. It is like daydreaming. Have you ever drifted off thinking about something else in the trance of daydreaming? 
You are IMAGINING something else, not looking at the scene in front of you? 
When you 'snap out of it' you can easily talk of what you where IMAGINING. You where SOMEWHERE else and you can describe it pretty easily. 
"Oh I was at the beach, not here in the office!"
"lol, yeah I was back with my date on the weekend!" 
You may not of SEEN the daydream in Technicolour awesomeness but you definitely 
RECREATED the scene in your MINDS EYE. 
It is far easier to do this with things we have done before. 
The key to daydreaming is that for some reason you got relaxed first. The boring lecture, the tiredness of a big day, the rhythmic tapping of keyboards. These things lulled your physically into a relaxed state and then your mind.... ESCAPED! 

It is far easier for the mid to escape to what makes it happy and it knows well or even what it worries or fears than to meditate on something new and different. Your minds eye just needs practice. 
But never force it. The secret to meditation is that the entire process is beneficial. There is no more gain to be had with the degree of definition of your internal tv screen in  guided meditation. 

All you need to do is relax and listen. 

Do not strive to see more...... give in, let go and relax. 
What ever happens, however you see is really not important. 
What is vital is that you relax because the suggestions in the meditation work best in a relaxed mind. 

Also remember, each person, each mind, each meditation experience is completely different for each person. Do not compare and do not measure. 

I have used meditation in my Art, Craft, Tarot and Metaphysical classes as a tool to relax and focus students on the path and the skills they are seeking in my courses. Many times it's been the favourite part of the lesson for the week with great revelations, much needed time out and shared focus. 

Meditation at present for me is vital in my work developing my oracle decks and the associated work with Flowers. I have also found that I am changing while I am connecting deeper with Wildflowers and the connections that each are making is a gift for everyone.
Now I'm sharing the things I am learning with everyone. 

Thank you so much for joining me. 

I would love to hear about your experiences, see artworks, scribbles, doodles, words, poetry dreams and affirmations and I am happy to listen to you and answer as best I can any questions you may have.
You can leave your comments below on this post and links to your images are very much welcme. 

Happiest Blessings, 
Cheralyn xx