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Hello gorgeous Wildflowers! 

It's THAT time, the time of New Years Resolutions, of another year to look forward to and new plans, dreams and hopes.

Most of us look back over the previous year and you hear a lot of "I'm glad it's over, I want a better year next year". We then start the next year with new diets, new plans and a shinny new attitude. We burst on to the scene like the hero who will make it all happen. But like a movie that runs loo long, we lose the plot at about March and then relegate THIS year into the pile of... "Ok this year isn't going so well, can't wait till it's over".

What if there was no calendar? 
What if you didn't know the end and the start of a year? A month? 
There was just each day and we didn't count off any more than that? 
Sunrise over sunflowrs by Aaeannao Na&#

Imagine if you had a goal or a few things you wanted to achieve, and you just brok down what you needed to do. Time wasn't the factor, it wasn't relegated to something to be done by the end of seemingly big chuck of time (a year). It was a thing to be done and YOU had to decide how to achieve it as quickly as possible. Not RUSHING it, just doing it effectively. 
To achieve:.... A DESIRED OUTCOME 

You need to make a salad and you have no ingredients to make that salad. You are hungry and you want that salad NOW. You COULD wait until  7pm, dinner time but the thing is, you actually haven't eaten and time is irrelevant. You are tired, hungry and need to eat!
You actually pretty much need that salad in order for you to fuel your body so you can do other things. Well the thing to do would be to get to the market/shops ASAP and get your ingredients, come home and make the salad straight away. 
Just get on with doing it. There is no clock watching or waiting for the right time. You could, but you are hungry! If you went to the shops, came home and realized it was 6:58pm and you won;t be able to create the salad by 7pm, your usual dinner time, WHY WOULD YOU STOP! You wouldn't say, well you know what? Too close to dinner time now! Even though I REALLY need this, I'll just wait until breakfast to start again. 

Calendar dates have nothing to do with the events that you need to create in order to move forward. 
Energetically, Lunar, Celestial and Earthly Timings do assist and challenge but I tell you now, they do not change final outcomes for those who use them as they are MEANT to be used! You can plan incredibly well and use these influences to assist you by working in focused ways which connect with the various energy changes.

We are all impatient and we are looking for the magical key which will bring us all the abundance and success we would like. We need something to blame outside of ourselves if we fail and time is such an easy one. We can move our diary entries to the next month or year because obviously the moon didn't pass through planet abc enough times and well, you know everyone found the last retrograde of Mercury just too hard to do anything and LOOK it's almost 2019 so let's start a fresh then! 

In the meantime, look at all the days you wasted. 

This year I was given a Publishing contract and it was incredibly interesting reading all the emails and messages from those who don't know me in person offering advice and concern that :"Oh dear, NOW your work is cut out for you! Especially as you are creating Art AND Writing!!  You will be so busy! I hope you cope with the pressure" 

It was then that I learned, most people do not create whole bodies of work, they drift and the plan but they don't DO! For me? Well apart from natural editorial changes I will need to do,  and maybe some art changes, I don't see why this added pressure will happen. I have a huge portfolio of work that represents my Passion and my Path! I have already written two books, created artwork for three decks and written their guide books. In fact my answer in my head when I hear these concerns is:
"what do you think I've been doing all these years!"

The answer? Working and Developing! I had no intention of submitting work unless it was my best work, unless I had completed all the steps along the way! There NEVER will be a time in my life that I say, Oh well you know this old work, well you know it wasn't REALLY what I was about because ALL my work is ALWAYS what I'm about. 

People HAVE great ideas and they have FANTASTIC INTENTIONS and outlines and synopsises and you know sometimes they finish writing ONE BOOK or ONE body of ArtWork. Then they sit back and wait for something to happen. Got that New Years Resolution DONE this time.... *ahhhhhhh* 

Some people get a new job, start a new venture, knowing it is just the beginning of their planned career but they get comfy and after a while the plans, the dreams, well, they just fade away and they stay right there on the first step. If something happens to pushed them off that step. Next year, next time, they will try and again. When the time is right. The calendar turns. 

You need to keep going!! 

This isn't just about picking yourself up when things go bad. It's about lifting yourself higher when things are going great! You finished writing that book! Awesome, well start submitting it and get started with your NEXT book! Are you a Writer or are you someone who wants to be Published??? 

Are you a Resolution Maker, Calendar Watcher and Manifestation Daydreamer
or are you a Outcome Creator!!

Don't wait for an EVENT or a DATE! Just keep doing what you LOVE and keep working on the tasks you KNOW you must do to achieve your desired outcomes. 
If you don't know what they are, there is your first step! Go and find out....

Don't write down New Years Resolutions for 2014... 
Write down Desired Outcomes for LIFE! 

Under these break down what you need to do every day. 

Oh yeah......

Yes you will laugh, here she goes again.... GET A BLOODY JOURNAL! 

Get lots of journals! 
I keep a different one for each of my Desired Outcomes and these actually end up forming the basis of my publications and artworks.
They are NOT dated because some days I write War and Peace and sketch more than Joseph Banks, others I have not so much to say at all. Oh but I JOURNAL every single day. 
PLEASE get into the Journal habit for 2014. I have had a few of my friends say let's make it 
2014 the Year of the JOURNAL. 
If you ascribe ANYTHING to the year, make it this. 
AND stop looking at what you think are PRETTY and AMAZING journals and being put off. 
If you found a copy of your Great Great Grandmothers Journal, Grimore Diary and it was filled with HER scratchy handwriting and stick figure drawings. Would you slam the covers, toss it aside and smirk "Well THAT'S crappy!" OR would be entranced for days, glassy eyed over her drawings of stick flowers, thrilled with her shared joy of growing herbs and smiling at her cursing over the butter churner? You know the answer! 
When I have taught journaling in person, my greatest piece of advice is to write as if you are talking to your great great great grandchild, who is about 30 years of age. Give them a name if it helps and every time you feel like your journaling is CRAP, just think of your space-age descendant. 


OK so no New Years Resolutions!!!.........
Lets's look at examples of creating Desired OUTCOMES for LIFE! 

If your desired outcome is to get fit then EVERY SINGLE DAY, you need to go for a walk/run/swim/do yoga etc, eat healthy food, work on your mind to keep it healthy! Even if you lose 'the weight' get 'fit' what then? Great 2014.... TICK! 
NO this is a desired OUTCOME. Like any OUTCOME you need to look after what you GET! So again the calendar has nothing to do with it!! 
ACTION + every day I will live Healthy

If your desired outcome is to write a book. Is it to write ONE book in your life? or is your Desired Outcome, to become a writer? Well writers work every day. They are physically WRITTING, they are researching, they are being writers. AND if they finish writing their book, then they start another one. 
Waiting for the RIGHT year to write your book and setting yourself up to complete it by the end of said year is very strange. How do you know how long this book is going to be? What about the unexpected events that may change your entire ideas about this story? 
ACTION = Starting NOW I will write every day! 

If your desire outcome is to gain a qualification then start NOW! Ok maybe 2014 isn't right to start that Degree Course but you know what is good for? Supporting courses that will get you on your way. 
These ACTIONS I'm sharing with you are building blocks to your Desired Outcome! Sitting back and crossing off the big stuff because you cant possibly put it in your Resolution List for this year is a cop out. So is starting  BIG things that you REALLY know deep in your heart that you cant possibly complete (being REALISTIC isn't being WEAK). Setting yourself up for a FAIL is just being a martyr and THAT energy only hurts YOU. 
ACTION = begin ANY study, even self study towards your Educational goals. 

ANY Desired Outcome, be they relationship orientated, creative, family, personal and so on, will be made up of the small things and we can ALL do those small things, every single day.

Before you know it, the days turn into weeks, the weeks into months and the year is done and you can look back at all you have completed. Each year ADDS to the following. There are no gaps filled with your WAIT TIME.
When a Publisher talks to you, there are many books and great bodies of work complete, ready to go! When an Art Gallery or Collector says YES to your work, you have a nice selection for them to choose from.
When you want to go on a Fun Run or Hike, well you can do so, without last minute trying to get fitter in a flash because, oh yeah, you stopped working out in February waiting for the next time January rolled around to get Fit! 
When you notice your life is filled with great friends, good relationships and love, you realise it's because you worked on your Desired Outcomes every single day.
You didn't wait, blame the calendar, the moon or anything outside of you. 

What you CREATE and COMPLETE each day,

no matter what the Calendar tells you! 

I Wish YOU, your Family and your Friends
Much Love and Happiness 

Cheralyn xx