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I have been asked a lot the past few days if I keep the notes
I create that I've spoken about recently.
Of course I do! 

In order to create my Artworks, write my Books and the Guidebooks of my Decks
I have lots and LOTS of Journals which are the heart of my work.
As I'm exploring, researching, sketching, carving, printing and painting,
I keep these Grimoires/Journals alongside me
and I write and doodle in them as I go. 

If you have ever taken any type of workshop with me,
you will know I am always saying the finest tool you
can ever have is a Journal and the best skill you can develop is keeping it. 

It is an honest, dedicated path to growth and to creative integrity. 
It's a brave thing to do, to share your journals, but so is creating, especially
when it revolves around your beliefs.  
Rest assured, fear dissipates with time, confidence 
and honesty.
Confidence grows from creating work with integrity. 

Those who are confident in their work and who are honest in their creative processes
and their spirituality, if their creativity is so entwined,
never have an issue opening their books. 

If you are struggling with any of this, are you creating to feed a niche or are you

creating in line with your true inner voice?
Is it your Passion or what you think others want to see?

Whatever you call it, get A JOURNAL, gets lots and visit every single day. 
They are incredibly special to me because all my dreaming,
inspiration, creation, insight and magic happens on each page.