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Foils & Adaptation!

Going through the old boxes looking for lost things,
found my old Stitches and Craft Show books etc.....


This series of Australian shows, I was incredibly proud of
as I was the first Australian to present with Powerpoint
to large audiences at these shows.

I travelled all over Australia teaching at these major shows 
and at private store owners and teacher skill workshops. 
Forever dreaming up ways to enable everyone to take part and
to be able to watch again and so I used to give discs away with these 
presentations on them. Love to find one again!! 

I went and taught myself how having pretty much zero
computer skills after realising that so many people missed
out on my workshops as they couldn't 'see' what I was demonstrating, 
particularly in the large exhibition spaces. 

We went from a dozen people in a booth to a huge room. 

I smile today as these programs slipped out of the box
because it reminds me that anything IS possible if you are prepared to work hard!

The 'breakthroughs' and the 'luck' are the product
of your ability to be
and work bloody hard for YEARS!

When was this year of shows from this program?
12 years ago now!



SO!!......What DID I present this year? 
WOW well each year I was tasked with teaching different things, based on the products that 
had just come on the market. I'd been given a box of things from different manufactures and 
dream up things.
This year? Well it was obviously Fiskars turn to 'have' me and I created Shabby Chic Scrapbooking Pages and Gift Boxes.... ahhhhh the year we al fell in love with Shabby Chic!