What exactly are WILDflowers?
Free Wildflower Oracle "Seed" Readings

Wildflowers As Oracles ~ What Does THIS Flower Mean?

I get A LOT of messages and emails asking me what certain flowers mean
when found in dreams, in people's gardens and when constantly in their thoughts.


As with any message from Nature, A Higher Source, Elemental and the Universe,
Your Intuition, Thoughts, Feelings and Inner Knowledge are much more in tune with what it
means for you. Looking deeper later with Oracle Cards, Books and other resources with usually confirm and also add additional layers to your personal experiences with your message.

Learning and research will have you more readily prepared to read and see your messages too.
The more you learn about the metaphysics of nature, the more easily and instantly you will recognise when she has something to say to you!

Yesterday I was on my usual Bike ride around Narrabeen Lake in Sydney. I go at least 4 days per week and have been enjoying this for months. I hadn't thought or planned to make this post or the video so didn't have my video camera with me, so yes it is a tad misty as its shot on my phone.

The wonderful, powerful messages I recieved from this little Wildflower where ABOUT to be confirmed when I turned the track on my bike and came across a huge glistening red bellied black snake making her way across the track right in front of me.

 *snakes are very much about change and new cycles so it was a wonderful affirmation of what was going on inside my head a few minutes before as I was filming your little film below.

My decision to film came earlier as I was peddling around and thinking, dreaming, meditating. I had answered a few more  emails before I left on what flowers had meant to the senders and I thought no was the time to start teaching you all to be Wildflower Oracles! The Wildflowers are not talking to me, they are talking to YOU! So I want you to listen and hear right there and then what they are whispering to you........ 


What where you thinking, doing and feeling at the time?
How did you feel as soon as you saw it?
What was the first thing you noticed?
The colour that first took your eye?  
What is happening around this flower/s?
Is there a scent you can detect? 
How many petals does it have? 
Do you know what it is and what it means? 

I don't pick Wildflowers and neither should you! 
That's like bringing the snake home I saw straight after filming this! 
Picking Wildflowers is actually against the law in most places in the World and energetically, you are killing it. While it is true I do grow and harvest flowers, I do not upset the energetic balance of Nature. 

Keep sending your videos and photos of your Wildflowers STILL... I really love hearing your journey and how you are connecting with Wildflowers, but I want to hear what you are learning and hearing from the Wildflowers too.