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New National Flower for Israel~ Meanings

It is interesting to see how certain flowers become the emblem of a place,
and usually this occurs through public ballot.
To then look at the energetic  attributes of the selected flower is such a
rewarding experience because naturally these will have an effect on place
much as the do on people.

For those of you, like me, who study these things, here is a fantastic opportunity to
explore as this week, Israel selects the
Red Calanit ~ The Red Poppy Anemone (Anemone coronaria) as it's national flower. 


Calanit (anemone) flower Photo: Dov Greenblatt

The selection marked the 60th anniversary of the Society for the Protection of Nature's  (SPNI) campaign

launch to protect the nations wildflowers. It won the vote in an online election ahead of second placed cyclamen and third purple iris. 


So let's look closely at the attributes of this flower.... 

In Hebrew the Flower is known as Calanit metzouya and it means
Calanit: BRIDE and was so named 

because of the beauty and majesty of a Bride on her wedding day. 
Metzouya means COMMON and is so attributed as it is a
very common Wildflower throughout the country.

According to  Floriography (The Victorian Language of Flower Communication) 
the flower means: FORSAKEN
Very Interesting correlation. 

Energetically the flower works on regeneration and instills the motivation
to succeed when times are tough. Changes negative thought patterns.
A change stimulator. 
As a physical healer:  regeneration from scarring, detox from chemical and metal
poisons, a physical cleanser as well as an etheric one. 

I am not going to go into a political debate about the new emblem,
I do see it as a Wildflower that will, as they do, bring a lot of good and balance. 
I feel it is a fantastic affirmation of the power and the connections that
Gaia makes with us all. 
It will be of great interest to watch this Wildflower and it's appearance over
the coming months and years now she is so closly defined with the identity of place.