Free Wildflower Oracle "Seed" Readings

For many years I have been sent photos and sketches of Flowers to read for people. 
Personally I find that my connection with Earth, the Universe and everything is so much better understood by what is here and available to us all, Natures Oracle, The Wildflowers. 
They Heal, they Balance, they hold Witness to Sacred Times, they line the Paths of our Journeys affirming and guiding us.

In their various forms as fresh growing wildflowers, posies that are given and received, artistic renditions, the pure essences through which they share their energy, the aromatherapy they extend with their perfumes, they reach out to speak with us, to connect. 

I have developed "Wildflower Oracle Seed Readings" 
These are free readings which are available to anyone at all. 
They are short as they are the seeds which will start your growth to understanding the spiritual and magickal connection that Wildflowers have for you.
I do not speak for the Wildflowers, they are speaking to you already, but I can offer you a bit of clarity so you can explore deeper and GROW! 



from Cheralyn
will provide you with 
Keywords, Short Answers, a Path to Grow.

If you have a Wildflower that you are feeling a connection with and would like a free Oracle Seed Reading to get you exploring more of the Magick and Insight of Wildflowers 

join my Facebook Page "The Wildflower Oracle"


Once you have LIKED the Page, 
post a photo or sketch. 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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