Creative Meditation Tutorial


Mosmanbaytuesday"Mosman Bay Early Monday"
oil on canvas
Cheralyn Darcey 2005

After a lifetime of creating Art, I find the process itself to be a meditative activity. 
Easily I find myself in the state of mind which feels very much like deep meditation 
as I create. I do realize that this takes time, practice and development. 

It is also the Gateway to creating Art and Crafts which are more closely aligned
with your Spiritual self. To help you find that space, I have developed a little 
meditation exercise which ANYONE can do. It also helps unlock creative blocks
(yes even you "I'm not at all Creative" types!) 

Here is my little creativity visualization and meditation exercise for you
to try that will help you find your creative space . 
This Meditation is in two parts. 

The first, which you can use on it's own as a relaxation meditation,
features a walk through the forest. 

Part two is an 'awake' meditation.
Make sure you do part one first to lower yourself into the frame of mind
and calm centered focus to enable you to benefit deeply from part two.

You will need:
A comfy quiet place to sit or lie.
A big blank sheet of paper A3 or bigger!
One of those cardboard sheets from the newsagent cut in half is a great size.
A collection of coloured pencils, markers or crayons 
(I LOVE crayons for this as the texture and blending works wonderfully!


Creative Witchery Meditation Forest Relaxtion with Cheralyn Darcey


Creative Witchery - Creative Meditation Exercise with Cheralyn Darcey

I would LOVE to see your results and hear about your experiences!
Post in the comment field below and links to pictures PLEASE :)  


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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