Wildflower Oracle Colour In ~ Sturt's Desert Pea

Even though I was originally planning on these to keep your little faeries and dragons happy this school holidays and learn something about our Earth Friends the Flowers... it seems I have Big Faeries, Dragons and other assorted Folk who love colour in time too! 
On request.... Sturt's Desert Pea

I'm LOVING the ideas that are coming in...
* colour and draw the energetic aura you feel around the flower!
 *add more words as they come to you in meditation. Colour in and Art ARE wonderful forms of meditation. 

I found so many messages and understandings while I created the artwork for my decks and I'm sure that as you connect and explore these beautiful nature Earth Oracles, the Flowers, you will too!

You can share my Colour In Sheets online and in person, OH! and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see what you create so jump over to my Facebook Page www.facebook.com/cheralyn.darcey 

Click on this image to be taken to a larger full resolution picture ready to download and LOVE! 

Happiest Colour In Flower Blessings,
Love Cheralyn xx 


For more of these Colour in Wildflower Oracle Sheets...
look to the category list to the RIGHT and click Colour In 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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