How to Be Anything.......

Take time, slow down, create ART,
and understand the SACRED. 


You can't quickly 'stuff' these things into yourself. 
Layers need to settle on you, develop, meld and some need to be shed. 

I see too many people try so desperately to BE something
instead of being a PART of their PASSION!  

I was reminded of this last night while learning new dance steps in my class...
you have to figure out what works for you and then make it your own,
you can't just BECOME something because you wish it so. 
LOVE what you are doing FIRST with all your heart
and with deepest PASSION...
you will fall,
you will not understand the direction of the teachers
or examples at times
but as you keep practicing and you keep exploring,
as you develop relationships and bonds with others who share your passion

you will find yourself slowly growing into what it is you so desire. 

The first understanding is not to BE a Dancer, 
but to be part of THE DANCE 

Signature3  xx

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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