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Sound Healing & Smiles


That's beautiful Natasha from Blessed Branches playing my favourite Musical Instrument, 

You don't have to be musically trained, inclined or experienced to make amazing music with a Gasong Drum. In fact I feel that the more 'free' and experimental you are, by loosening up and JUST PLAYING with out expectations, the more magical the music from a Gasong Drum. 

When playing, the sound fills the air, your body, your heart and that of anyone within the circle of the Gasong being played. Though Gasong creates drums with slightly different sounds, each has the same sound healing qualities ... that's the real Magic. 

Gasong Drums are made from a unusable gas bottle. 
Notes are cut in after sandblasting out from inside, then the coating of the gas bottles are ground off outside to bare metal. This prepares the bottles for the gorgeous colours that Gasong become.
To protect them, they are sprayed with gorgeous vibrant rust resistant paint.

The colours of the rainbow and beyond are used, in fact you CAN have a Rainbow coloured Gasong Drum if you wish.To further protect your drum they are finished with an estopol  coating. THIS makes them sunshine sparkle!

The notes are configured in a pentatonic format which is a sequence of 5 notes spaced over 12.
This makes them blend as you play them in any sequence. They never sound 'off tune' EVER! This means that anyone, even a person with no music ability WILL sound instantly a professional percussionist :)

Gasong vibrations emanate with their sound from the different sized notes. These sounds and the sound vibrations sooth our body muscles, balance our chakras and center our mind. Organically, each has a correlation with different textures and densities throughout our being and can be felt without any prior knowledge as a soothing sensation. Rest assured, even without being aware, beyond this happy soothing sensation, the longer term benefits and deeper healing and balancing are occurring. 

Sound Healing at its best! Meditation and a sense of well-being without even being aware of it happening. Perfect for very young children, those who may not be 'in to' meditation or complementary therapies or may not be able to participate or understand through illness or cognitive ability. The Gasong Drum music will even work with those without hearing as the notes will most definitely be felt as sound waves with the same therapeutic qualities by those in the drums magic circle. 

The beauty and magic of Gasong Drums is the immediate results. There really is no training that you need to undertake or books to read. You just pick up a drum stick or your hand and play... the healing begins for all who are in the Gasong Circle of Magic and Healing!