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"Why are People so Nasty in my Field!?"

I awoke with a Newsfeed and an email from a friend on the same theme... 
"Why are People so NASTY in my field and bringing me down?"
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Well the thing is, across these messages.....it was DIFFERENT FIELDS.

This type of 'thing' is unfortunately a side of human nature.
Not at all a nice thing. 

Some people are deeply insecure. 
This comes from not being authentic themselves or simply feeling unsure 
of their own work, self, beliefs and life. 

The easiest way to ensure their own validity is to seed doubt,
not only in your mind, but in anyone else in your shared field. 
(that's not a field you want to be in!) 

I have seen it in many fields of interest, workplaces and friendship circles. 
The easiest way for you to become top of the heap and to maintain your position
is to discredit those around you. 
Often this is under the cloak of being the champion of the group by exposing some 
undesirable feature or element in the other person or entity 'down there'. 

While in fact this may be desirable,
I mean we DO want to know about frauds,
rippoffs, shonky practice, its interesting to see HOW the information is being

shared. Is it INSIDIOUS? By this I mean is it ambiguous.

If someone or something really IS a problem,
then the news bearer needs to speak up CLEARLY and FOCUSED. 
If something is genuinely an issue and you feel compelled to protect others from it,
stand up speak out, contact the person directly and discuss.
A champion in their field goes to the source and they work to improve situations. 
The weak work in the shadows of the minds of others. 

Shadowy mumbles and 'warnings' about the possible
wrongdoings of others or other

things is just a way to make the news-bearers
own self and work seem somehow more

authentic, better, stronger and its the easiest way to do so.


This is also called DEFLECTION.
People are too busy raising pitchforks,
looking at themselves wondering if THEY too

are part of this evil that has been 'outed'
to really look closely at the Shining White Knight

condemning others and helping us all with whispered
or veiled generalised "INFORMATION".

I ALWAYS question WHY!
Why would this person tell me or anyone else.
Once I have THAT answer, its easy to then look at the validity of their claims.
Do they have evidence that these facts are true and what is the purpose of them sharing it.  
I don't need to know about the 'other' work 'out there' that is not good
which coincidentally you do as well.
I don't need to know about the expensive skin care products that you saw a person purchase. 
I dont need to know about the conversation you heard that wasn't really in line with what that person is about either. 

We don't need White Avenging Knights with Social Media megaphones,
we need people who are living Authentically and 
leading by PHYSICAL example.  

People feel threatened very easily.
You might not even be directly a threat
but what you are doing

somehow rocks the boat in their world. 

This often comes about because THEY are not authentic. 
Its something that burns inside them and they quickly point it out in others
for discussion. There is NOTHING wrong at all with healthy inquiry and you should welcome it. 
Just be aware of the game of public Inquisition and its origins. 

Ensure what YOU do is 100% honest and authentic! 
Then stick to it.
Focus even MORE on what you are doing and ignore. 
Blog-be authentic
It is WAY too easy to enter the game of COMPETITION 
and that is what a lot of these people want you to do! 
But they have given you a MASSIVE handicap
by delivering the first blow ~ 
A King Hit to your Self Confidence! 

They actually hope you won't get off the mat!!

Seriously if YOU know deep in your heart
that what you are doing and who you are
what you are doing is AMAZING!

TRUST ME! You have rocked a few boats
and the lazy captains have grabbed the easiest lines! 

I know its hard but its just wasting
your precious time and energy to otherwise
get caught up in CONSTANTLYdefending yourself and worrying.
Answer directly and be open. 

Understand too that we all make mistakes,
we all are not 100% perfect and unfortunately the 

weak, the insecure, the desperate,
will find those weaknesses and use them to feed 

their own energy and prop themselves up. 

They are frightened, 
threatened, not authentic,
insecure and yeah they 
are making mistakes because
THEY are human too. 

You have bigger things to do, be,
learn and experience.....

Go GET 'Em Tiger!  
Micheal P. Watson