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How to USE Mercury Retrograde Energy

Oh let us all find a deep dark cave and hide. 
It is Mercury Retrograde time! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


The thing about Magic and Earth Energy is this...
everything has a positive AND a negative side, even good old feared Mercury Retrogrades.  
There most certainly IS good news and something can be gained
if you use the energy of this time wisely. 

So what is so feared about Mercury Retrograde.
What is it?
Well, it's the period of time that the planet Mercury appears from the Earth to stop and then turn back the opposite way in its orbit. As Mercury is named after and aligned with the Roman Messanger of the Gods you can see now why this period of time brings about communication 'issues'. 
Mercury is also a trickster! So beware. 

The Retrograde period lasts for about three weeks
and occurs three times a year. Right now? 

October 21, 2013 - November 10, 2013

The things that are most frustrating about a Mercury Retrograde are distruptions in communication and now more than ever these things are more evident and annoying as we live in an age of great reliance on very high end technology and communication! 
So! :  lost emails, internet disruptions, miss-understandings surrounding communication equipment, phone breakdowns, mouse mayhem, social media missunderstandings and melodramas abound! 

Relationship wise.... ohhhh watch out! A Mercury Retrograde can muffle meanings and intentions. 
For the sensitive, for the newer relationships, for those a bit tender at present this can be a very bumpy ride over three weeks. When you THINK you hear something 'negative' count to 20 before you open your mouth with a stinging reply! 

When I lived in the USA, I heard this following song... its a zippy old country tune and to this day, when I'm in the middle of a communication Mercury induced Muddle I sing it... in my head or YES out loud... MAKES ME SMILE and chill..... 


BUT here is the MESSAGE in that song.... 
Thanks Mr. Jackson.... :) 

CRUISE  that Mercury up and down the road!!!!! 
While you ARE crazy about it... lol 

Use Mercury Retrograde time to step back and REVIEW the things you are working on at the moment. Its a wonderful time to see what can be improved.

Remember Mercury appears to stop and GO BACK. 
So I like to think of the time as perfect for REVIEW. 

Due to the tricky nature of Mercury, I am also aware of the cheeky way that this information may be shared with me. OH am I being too kind to Mercury!?
lol... ok,  the CYNICAL or the ouch~inducing way, if I'm feeling a bit touchy, that I may find this information. BUT after you calm down, I'm sure you will realise that YOU TOOK NOTICE and perhaps had the information been shared in a more subtle way it might of slipped by you. 

This period is a great time to find lost items, reconnect with lost friends, uncover ideas that have half baked in your dreams and may show promise in the future and also, perhaps most importantly on a personal development level, it's a time of learning flexibility and using your intuition to a greater degree. 

Instead of sitting back in terror and  'blaming' Mecury Retrograde,
you can do something positive about it AND even productive. 

I like to think of CRUISING with Mercury Retrograde not DRIFTING! 
Be aware, be flexible, look a bit deeper, review. 

*Hold off very important communications and discussions if possible
*Filter perceived negative communication with the understanding of the current energy state
*Be extra mindful of important communications you do make and follow up!
*Use the time to Review current projects
*Have a tech break at the Retrograde start
*learn to count to 20 or sing a smile inducing song when the Retrograde energy kafuddles you

WildFlower Energy!
Right now I am Flower Misting my office space a little more often that usual and using a Communication Clear Flower Mist. 
I'm doing this pretty much between each different session of each project I'm working on. 
My advice to you would be to do the same. 
Create clear sections of time and space between each project/work period. 
Rebooting computers, clearing paperwork, Flower Misting and getting away for a little bit. Mercury likes to catch you out and trip you out right now so WATCH OUT. Work diligently, be tidy and methodical so you SEE the threads before they get lost. 

WildFlower Clear Communication Mist
To a 100ml spray bottle 
mix 80mls purest water you can find
with 5mls of brandy 
a piece of the clearest energectically cleanse clear quartz crystal 
and seven drops of the stock essence of EITHER of the following Flowers

*Bush Fuchisa

Mist areas you are working within regularly. 

ALSO, adoren your work area with either the REAL flowers or their images. 

See you on the other side of the Retrograde! :)