Vibrational Sound Healing

I am incredibly interested in certain Certification courses for various reasons. 

Though I did begin Naturopathy at a College, I never completed it as life got in the way at the time and really I wasn't interested in being "a Naturopath" in a clinic. 
There are Modalities that I AM interested in that enhance my work and my interests.
I consider myself a Flower Therapist, one with a connection and deep understanding of Flowers, their healing qualities and their energetic wisdom. I am also an artist and I teach. 

My certifications surround the well recognised Bach Flowers and Australian Bush Flowers courses as well as various Energy Healing Modalities, smaller interest courses and also Reiki. There are also other flowers, paths and modalities and so naturally and I have bookcases full of references and my own well travelled experience and research to add. 

The biggest reason I undertake courses and certification at all is not so that I can hang a Certificate on the wall or prove anything, but because I am interested in THE COURSE the body of KNOWLEDGE. I want to learn from that organisation or person. I would like to explore and add to my own body of knowledge and I use all this combined experience and wisdom in my work. 

For the past few years I have been very drawn to Sound Therapy and I have been combining it with Vibrational Essences and Flower Therapy with great effect!

I have read extensively and I have looked for courses, in person and online but fallen flat. Some , obviously, are just nonsense and others ridiculously over priced. I began one a few years ago which has Eight levels to get through... each level is about $300. Level one was 6 quadrupled spaced 16pt font A4 pieces of paper that I could of read on Wikipedia about Tuning Forks. So I passed. 

So now with some trepidation I add Vibrational Sound Healing to my list of skills.
I've tried to find a course, a mentor, ANYONE, but fallen flat.

I've read all I can, I've experienced and experimented, documented and researched for three years.
Essences I've created using these methods have been incredibly enriched.
I have trained in Reiki and so am experienced in Body Energy work and understand the integration of this type of healing modality with the body.

My collection of  tuning forks has grown considerably to 31 forks and still increases as I explore new frequencies and methods. My collection of resources now has ground to a halt but I have my intuition and complimentary modalities to assist my further exploration and self training. 


I am SURE someone out there reading this will in fact let me know of courses, people, connections and I really hope so. They are a little hidden away but I really do welcome them!

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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