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A Little Goddess Told Me

I teach an on-line course...
"Creating Your Own Tarot & Oracle Cards"
loving it, there are some AMAZING decks comingout of this course
and really loving the topics we discuss at length in our forum. 

Something incredibly important came up this week. 

"Should you use the meanings that other decks use
for similar themes or your own?"

"Should you share how you came
by these Meanings?"

The heart of this questioning was MUCH DEEPER.

Some students had noticed a few deck creators and writers

had very left of center ideas as well as traditional based works and instead
of saying straight out that these are their visions,
had spoken about esoteric groups or ethereal beings no one
had heard of that had set them

on the path and gifted them this inspiration.  

SOME questioned the validity of these claims, others felt inadequate
because they hadn't had this type of cosmic tick in the box.  

Well I believe that, yes, these things do exist and, yes, people do get training and inspiration from
these places. If you are creating under this influence and guidance then that's fantastic and I honour it. Unfortunately its really easy to hide a whole of lot of bullshit in SIMILAR sounding fantasies and this is the lazy path, the fast and easy path for those who mearly seek to impress and to prop up the validity of their work. 

Its also tempting for the novice and those unsure of themselves, their passions and insights because they just don't seem to stack up against the other work out there at present. It's all backed up with 10 years of training as a Platinum Priestess under the Goddess Temple of Frazzlebottom and and the nightly visitations from Angel AzeKKKle from Planet 9b. 

You know what? As much as its fantastic to be dedicated to an organization and have the training and its wonderful to have ascended to a level that you speak with Angels (I'm not being sarcastic I really do honour these dedications when REAL),  it is more than ok  to just write and create what YOU live and study on your own.

Development and experience are mighty tools!

In fact I would go as far to say, that although all this 'other stuff' gives you something that can not be denied as valuable mentor-ship, you have all you need already to connect to the All, the Earth and to learn the work of Tradition,  and to be REAL! 

example: It's MORE than ok if you are writing an Insect Oracle,

see bees and have feelings and 'know' words, colours,
be inspired to write pages about what a bee means and
then read the work of other animal/insect dedicated initiatives
and discuss and go and study more and experience more! 

Cloistered Training and Visitations? 
If you have them, have access to them, fantastic, they are enhancements, 
but you have all you need to write books, paint cards and understand your world.
To be an Oracle! 

You just need to go outside, be quiet, be open and EXPERIENCE. 
You DO need to honour the traditional ascribed meanings as well
but they never discount your work, your insights if you are working
with true honest clear dedication. Tradition is foundation. 
This is what Oracle is all about this work, this blending, this exploration. 
The base meaning of Oracle Symbols are abstractions! 
The Oracle Writer is taking those abstractions and experiences
and creating a magical tool that can be used by those here now. 

(Greece: The Oracle of Delphi 19th Century, Granger)

The world has changed since the Oracle of Delphi.
It is changing and so is everything in it.  Those here now are the conduits of the new Oracle. 
Tradition should be observed but we can not undervalue
the new language and forms it will take, the additional meanings that will rise. 

perhaps the Mantle of High Priestess MAY assist you hearing the call
or the Visitation of Angles and Faeries may open your heart a little wider 
but it's IN YOU ALREADY. 


I know it may appear on the outside that it works for some,
this smoke and mirrors crap,
but it's just horrible and dishonest and really not your best work.

You don't want to have to live with this or ruin your work with it!

It's why these same people are always on the attack
at any little questioning of their work. 

If you are honest, true and real, you NEVER
feel like this or have to act this way. EVER. 

 <3 Cheralyn xx